Lesson 3 – Build your B2B lead list: Do more than just networking on LinkedIn

In the last lesson, we showed you how to find your lead’s contact information through their website. In this lesson, we’re focusing on one of the most effective channels for lead generation— LinkedIn.

This is Lesson 3 from our FindThatLead Bible – Growth hacking your first 1000 customers. We’re simplifying how you generate your lead list and convert them with this extensive guide. If you missed Lesson 1, click here.

When generating your leads, it’s crucial to diversify your channels and ensure you aren’t using just one tactic to find your leads. Direct lead capture is a great way to get more leads quickly. However, if you aren’t sure about who your leads are, this method won’t work. To ensure you have a large lead list, you need to use a networking platform that is built to cater to your lead generation needs— LinkedIn. 

Our method of generating leads through LinkedIn is more than just connecting and messaging the lead through the platform. Hack your LinkedIn lead generation strategy!

How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Lead List

(I) Network with the right folks on LinkedIn

Your first step to build your lead list with LinkedIn starts at the search. Searching on LinkedIn can be filtered to the last detail. 

Start by searching for leads with a specific title, using the job title as the keyword. Using LinkedIn’s filters, select location, industry, connection type, etc. If you have a potential lead from LinkedIn, you can use the “Connections of” filter to show all connections of that lead.



(II) Automate lead generation with Scrabin



Now, connecting and messaging each lead is time-consuming. This is why we created Scrab.in, a LinkedIn lead generation tool that automates this task for you. Scrabin works as an extension and when enabled during your LinkedIn search, it would connect with and send an automated message to start a conversation with your lead.

Once you’ve installed Scrabin to your browser, visit the Scrabin dashboard and set up ‘Invite Actions’. 

You can even set up an automated message to be sent at an invite. This message can help you build a relationship even before connecting.

(III) Use Scrabin within LinkedIn to connect with leads

  1. Go back to your search on LinkedIn. Resume Scrabin on this tab once you’re satisfied with the results you found in the search. Scrabin automatically connects with these leads and adds them to your leads list.

(IV) Set up an automated direct message to be sent to connections

You can use LinkedIn to soft-introduce your product and nudge your lead to take a look at what you’re offering. Since LinkedIn has high open rates, it’s a better place to approach your lead.

Set up a direct message that is automatically sent to these leads. You can choose how often the message should be sent. 

You can craft this message in a number of ways:

  1. Talk about a problem that the product/service that you sell solves
  2. Provide a free trial and an exclusive walkthrough to the lead
  3. Start a conversation and ask what solutions they are looking for

How you approach your leads is unique to you and the strategy you have set up. Adapt your strategy to your automated direct message to start the conversation with your lead and warm them up to try out your product/service.

(V) View and export your LinkedIn leads

You can view all your LinkedIn leads on Scrabin. Scrabin provides you the extensive list of your leads, including their titles so that you can easily look through them and get a quick understanding of the kinds of leads you’ve acquired. All your LinkedIn leads can be found on the page named ‘Your Records’.

Scrabin makes it easy for you to export your LinkedIn leads and add them to the CRM of your choice. You can export your leads as a CSV file and upload it to your lead management software. This helps you keep your leads in one place, segment them, and personalize your email outreach message to your leads and their needs.

You can also upload previous LinkedIn leads to Scrabin. This makes it easier to send automated LinkedIn messages to them.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve successfully built your lead list, it’s time to set up an email outreach campaign to convert these leads.

Writing an outreach email is easy. But, writing an outreach email that converts? That’s going to take more than just a generic email copy. This is why we’ve documented the best way to write and set up an outreach campaign that converts in the next lesson of the FindThatLead bible – B2B Email Outreach: How to write a crafty email for conversions.

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