B2B Lead Generation Strategies to Supercharge Your Growth

B2B Lead Generation Strategies to Supercharge Your Growth

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One very difficult aspect of B2B growth marketing is lead generation. A company’s ability to generate leads depends on its marketing strategy.

If quality b2b lead generation is paired with a strong sales pipeline, any business can achieve steady sales growth. 

In this post, we will discuss some proven strategies to help generate leads that will supercharge your growth.

Key B2B Lead Generation Strategies to Supercharge Your Growth

When you understand how to create a strong B2b lead generation pipeline, your task is half-done.

B2B lead generation strategies require mixing both outbound and inbound strategies.

Outbound strategies focus on immediately connecting with leads while inbound strategies help to establish credibility. 

That being said, below are the key B2B lead generation strategies to add to your marketing arsenal.

An amazing initiative that is being seen over the last few years is nothing less than creating a B2B lead generation agency. Find clients for your clients, meanwhile, you are finding your own clients (a bit of a long-winded explanation, but as effective as it gets).

Content Marketing

If you fall into the category of companies that have a wide variety of content, then this is a great option. Examples of content include articles, infographics, videos, etc.

Before you put out content, it is important to carry out profound research.

Several elements contribute to the quality of content. From the language you use to the kind of content that your target audience prefers. Putting all of these together will help you to generate high-quality content to attract leads.

You should also consider infusing SEO if you are planning content for your blog. With this, you can generate organic leads to your brand website.

Above all, you must draw up a strong content marketing plan so that you don’t run out of ideas.

Social Media Marketing

Do you know that you can refine the process of lead generation using social media? Yes, many marketers recommend social media as one of the best methods of supercharging B2B lead generation.

With social media, you have the opportunity of engaging existing customers and prospects.

Today, most individuals spend between 2 to 3 hours on their mobile phones. When we are in queues, while eating, even while watching TV, we are most likely surfing social media sites.

This is one of the reasons why social media advertising has become very effective.

Another advantage of using social media advertising is that you can streamline who sees your ads. Such targeted marketing ensures that you get a very high return on your advertising investment.

When creating social media ads, make sure that you make use of content that potential leads prefer.


One of the easiest ways to generate leads for your brand is through Pay-Per-Click or PPC. This strategy produces quicker results than content marketing using SEO.

If you have a clear picture of your audience, PPC is very effective. The only challenge is that PPC may cost much depending on your industry.

You shouldn’t forget that many people make use of programs to block PPC ads such as AdBlock. As such, it is possible that these people wouldn’t see your ads.

There are several ways to post PPC even though the most popular is Google AdWords.

With this platform, you can post ads on the Google Network.

The three different routes that you can take to do this include:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – These ads pop up at the top of the first page of a Google Search. The advantage of using this method is that there is always intent. However, you may lose so much if you don’t get it right.
  • Display Ads – A second way to use PPC for B2B lead generation is by using display ads. You can use these ads to reach visitors on third-party websites. Display ads are visual and you can create them using a Google-automated visual ad generator.

The advantage of this is that you don’t have to create different ads for different devices. This is because the ads are already optimized. One challenge of this method is that it doesn’t provide as many conversions as SEM.

  • Retargeting – Some people refer to this route as remarketing. It shares close ties to display ads. They are the same as display ads, only that they are targeted at individuals who have visited your website previously. This method provides more conversions than display ads since the individuals already have an interest in your products or services.

Review Your Business Website

You might be doing everything right with your ads but if your website has issues, you won’t have any leads. If your campaigns are not delivering the expected results, you may need to review your website.

Check it to be sure that the website meets all the requirements of a modern website.

For example, the website should load very quickly. People don’t have all day to wait for your website to load. Once they wait a few seconds without positive results, they are likely to lose their patience.

That means that they aren’t coming back any time soon plus they will give bad reviews too.

Asides from their reviews, one criterion search engines use to rank websites is usability. If your website isn’t easy to use, then it wouldn’t rank as high as other websites that do in your niche.

By analyzing your website you can identify the challenges concerning usability and use the most adequate tools for improvement, for which a lot of alternatives to Fullstory and the tool itself are available.

From time to time, review your website to see whether it is responsive on different devices. Check that the images load quickly, and customers enjoy a smooth navigation experience.

Let’s not forget that you should add a call to action button on your webpages to generate more leads.

Encourage Social Shares

It is one thing to know how to use social media and have a great social media content plan. Getting social shares is a whole new ball game. This is one of the strongest B2B lead generation strategies that generate leads on social media.

We’ve seen Twitter and Facebook viral marketing produce profound results for businesses. Social sharing helps you to generate leads in a unique way.

Using this method helps you to make your content go viral. All you need to do is to encourage your followers to share your social media posts. One benefit of this method is that it comes at no extra marketing cost.

You should note that to make this work, you must always provide your audience with quality and valuable content. If the content is of very high quality, you may not need to ask for a share before you get it.

People will naturally share content that they consider valuable with those they know will need it.

Another way to encourage b2b lead generation social shares is to build giveaway campaigns around such content. Such extra offers and bonuses help you to become a trusted influence and build more followership.

Finally, you can create posts that will promote your offers and ask your followers to share. If they know that they can share without creating any content of theirs, they are more likely to share.

Set up an efficient outreach system

When you want to see long term results in B2b Lead Generation, you have to set the foundation right. Setting up an outreach system ensures that you achieve your marketing goals pretty quickly. 

One of the most effective ways to do this is emails. If you set up your email outreach properly, the effects are far-reaching. To help you set up your outreach system, here are three tips:

  1. Find your outreach targets – So your marketing team has come up with a list of your ideal clients. That’s great. It is time to run background checks and research these clients. Check for their goals, professional history, frustrations, etc. Also, find the best channels to reach these individuals.
  2. Write compelling emails to reach your targets – Once upon a time, just using the first name of the recipient was sufficient for personalization. Things have changed. Now, everything in your email must show that you feel the pain of the individual recipient. The easiest way to achieve this is to first segment your recipient list. When you do this, you can focus your emails on their collective challenges.
  3. Employ unconventional methods to optimize your results – Sometimes, you need to make use of unconventional methods to achieve your aim. For example, rather than a short email, you may need a long one. Test methods that others regard as unethical, they might just be the key to unlocking leads.

Ask for referrals

Experienced salespeople understand that this is one of the most important B2B lead generation strategies. New marketers may wonder when the best time is to seek referrals.

The answer to this question is that it depends on what you do.

Software developers, for example, should request referrals after their apps are tested and generated desired results. What this means is that you should check for when your client is completely satisfied with your product or service.

Then, you can ask for a referral.

Learn all about referral B2B lead generation marketing

Another important question that begs an answer is, “how should you request referrals?” The first to do is to prepare your clients ahead of time for this favor.

This way, they aren’t surprised when you finally ask.

Another thing to do here is to only request referrals from people that matter to the business. You should have a profile for the kind of clients you need.

Request referrals from individuals that fit these criteria.

Next, ensure that you delight your customers as much as possible. Don’t hold back, leave it all on the table. Finally, you need to build referral programs to make your referral process a working system.

This means you should send automated reminders to clients and reward them for referrals too.

Establish strategic partnerships

To be effective with B2B lead generation, you need strategic partnerships. This is because it helps you to tap into audiences built by other businesses.

While adding value to their business, they’d be adding value to yours as well.

One way to achieve this is by providing complementary services. As such you can partner with a non-competing firm to reach out to the same audience.

A perfect example will be a ride-hailing service and a fintech company. Both have a similar target audience yet they can only complement each other.

Another method is creating content for the other firm. Not for money, but for a share of the audience.

Creating co-branded content works all the time to generate leads for firms in a partnership.

Wrap Up

B2B lead generation isn’t so easy. This is because what works for one business may be the bane of another. The idea is to find exactly what works for your business.

This might require running trials with a few methods. More than anything else, research your audience properly to find out what works for them.

Want more strategies? Check this post: Best 15 Growth Hacking Strategies to boost your business.

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