How to send an email to someone on Tinder

Did you ever want to contact someone on Tinder by email?
I was at work the other day and this idea came out like when we were little kids preparing nasty treats to our friends. We were laughing at the funny things that online dating services like Tinder offer to have some fun from time to time.

First I want to let you know that this article is for entertaining purposes only, and I am not really recommending doing this if it’s not with a good intention!

Here’s the “love hack”  ? Find someone on Tinder by email

  • Log in on Tinder from your smartphone.
  • If you saw someone you like copy their name and surname.
  • Copy their company’s name.
  • Do a search in google with this info and see if they are on Linkedin or Twitter.
  • Download the Findthatlead free extension from the Chrome store.
  • Log in to Linkedin or Twitter with your user name.
  • Go that person’s profile
  • Use the plugin
  • Get their email. If the plugin window shows you the email as green then its the right one.
  • Find a good subject line according to the person’s interests Laugh like a mad sorcerer and
    hit that “Send” button!
  • Use outbound marketing to prospect on your date

Don’t be shy . Let us know of your success or failure!

To Tinder or not to Tinder

So, let’s be realistic, Tinder is one of the largest dating app in the world, thanks in part to it being a 100% mobile software. With 10 million active users per day , there is a big chance that you are one of them , specially if you are in between 25 and 34 years old.
If you are , then it’s quite possible that, at one point you wanted to know more about a nice looking one that you couldn’t wait to contact but had not been matched up with you.

Tinder matches you up with people who it thinks might be compatible with you based on many factors but also their facebook interests ( more info on this here ) , but let’s be realistic , most people just add interests on their facebook profile based on something they liked at one moment in their “facebook life” and then probably forgot about it. For more info about Tinder’s matching system there is a good article to read here.

Nonetheless it’s true that this can show interesting similarities in two people’s character, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good match with someone you find attractive even if Tinder doesn’t think so.

This is quite possible if the person that you see in the picture is using their real world name on their profile.
What’s really a buzz is that Tinder has a new feature that shows you info about education and job title and with this info you can try to do this “dating” hack.

Of course this isn’t a sales hack, unless you want to “sell” them your nice looking body and charismatic character which I doubt.

So what’s the gain?

Probably one of its advantages is that you don’t need to find a good match with the other person which can give you the advantage of being noticed even if you didn’t inside the app.

Just imagine for a second that you read an email from someone who saw you on Tinder and that says: “I saw you on Tinder, but I thought an email would give me a better chance to get your attention faster than the rest. I don’t really understand why Tinder hasn’t shown me a match with you, I really think we should talk.I would really love to talk to you and get to know you without any compromise. I found your email by doing this and this… bla bla bla”

This kind of approach is like tossing a coin and it can fall on any ot two sides, but the positive outcome is that when they read you they may perceive you as a daring, smart individual with initiative that can stand out of the rest. On the negative side, they may see you as a cyber stalker!

Am I going to get banned for this?

The information that you are using is totally public, all you did is gather it and send an email.
You can also go straight to the person and ask them for an introduction, but then , you would probably not need Tinder !
As I said before, you can try it out, but there is a very small probability that you could receive a notification from Tinder.
Just be sure that if you receive a negative in the first place you stop insisting and leave behind any Cyrano de Bergerac’s like passions or you may end up getting sued like Tinder’s co founder Justin Marteen and appear on Vanity Fair ( more info here )


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