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CEO and Co Founder Of Digital Leadership Associates | Timothy (Tim) Hughes

Tim Hughes Digital Leadership Associates

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At DLA, they transform the whole organization. Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Internal Comms, Customer Service, all with social.

But for him, it all started ten years ago when he joined Twitter.

Later he was part of an ambitious sales transformation which took 4,000 sales people and tried to turn them into social sellers.they made mistakes along the way, they tried Linkedin training, they tried profile writers, they tried webinars, but they all failed. Why? Because they didn’t create the mindset and habit change that’s vital to become social.

After this, there was his best-selling book “Social Selling – Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers” followed by a second, “Smarketing – How to Achieve Competitive Advantage through Blended Sales and Marketing” (both available on Amazon worldwide).

And finally, there was a deep desire to transform lives as well as companies.

In sales, they transform people every day (through our Social Selling programs), but outside of this they are also empowering and transforming people in roles across the Enterprise creating the classic “more for less” scenario, the impact of this means that “legacy process” competitors may never catch up.

It doesn’t matter how many people and companies they transform, seeing people change their mindset and develop is very moving for him in the global team. They get one hell of a kick out of this!


Time Stamped Keynotes

[00.05]- Gerard introduces Tim Hughes

[00.55]- Tim shows his book “Social Selling,” and it is available on Amazon

[01.30]– His book is written as a workbook so that people can learn and start implementing immediately

[03.03]- This book is in audiobook as well

[03.37]-People working in SaaS companies forced them to transform

[03.54]- With a lot the competitors coming in, their sales cycle reduced from 6 months down to 6 weeks

[04.40]- They had to force 4000 people to start selling differently than before because there was dire need of transformation

[05.38]- Nowadays, on Instagram, the best stories are our life stories. Social selling, in Gerard’s point of view, is how real we are to the real world.

[06.12]- A salesperson might be passionate about their product, but everyone else is too busy to take their sales call

[07.03]- The more people recognize their power as a buyer, more they hate to be pitched to so it is essential that you create relationshi[s with networks

[08.04]- Tim’s leading social networks are LinkedIn and Twitter

[08.32]- If you start selling at facebook, you will begin to offend a lot of people, but closed Facebook groups are a great place to sell them

[09.46]- If you are in sales, do not dismiss facebook

[10.21]- When you are starting on youtube or facebook, no one will know about you so expect nothing in the beginning

[10.39]- If you bring out insightful and educational content, people will find it

[11.14]- In social selling, they always recommend three things

Have social profiles- Your LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram profiles show who you are

[12.27]- Your profile description should explain not your “what” but your “why.”

[13.12]- We have all had jobs that did not work, but we should highlight what we learned from them, and that’s positive in negative

[14.26]- Being a social seller is talking in a different way. People perceive you as your social media profiles look like

[15.28]- the Second thing is to have a network-having people that you kind of know

[16.12]- Whenever you connect with someone, you need to have some contact with them and give them its context to

[17.55]– A fool with a tool is still a fool

[19.47]- Social selling involves “mindset change.”
-You have got to build an active LinkedIn profile
-You have got to build a strong network

[20.25]- To be a robust social seller you need to have 5000 strong social connections

[21.00]- If you are prospecting, connecting with people and growing your network then people will come back to your profile

[21.24]- All of their business comes from inbound

[22.10]- They came to know what their clients were looking for on Google, and they wrote the whole bunch of articles on that

[23.01]- Third thing in social selling is “content.” They teach people how to write “content.”

[23.26]-If someone gives you a big chunk of articles, you won’t read that, but people generally do not refrain from reading small articles

[23.56]- Tim believes that when you write an article, it is about idea count and less about word count

[25.11]- Your clients are always looking for content. If you are prospecting than you have to see writing as a part of your prospecting

[26.09]- Spend your time on where people are going to find you, and that is, by writing content

[27.04]- If you are a new person and you are just starting, then the best place to share it is one LinkedIn

[28.08]- If you have content on Instagram, it will be there to be consumed on Instagram, unless you or your content are so high, don’t expect people to click outbound links

[29.52]- A person from Microsoft whom a connection request was sent came back to his profile with an offer to work for him

[30.23]- Tim shares his experience of how a client could get applicants for two roles in 24 hours

[31.13]- Tim tells a joke as a metaphor for the way they work in social selling, i.e., you need to be 10%-20% better than everybody else

[32.12]- Most of your companies do not know how much ahead are their competitors and do not take actions to keep up with them

[33.36]- Tim and company do not do online courses

[34.02]- Knowing and doing are two different things and many people do not do what they know

[35.12]- Many people that Tim coaches do not know the basics of social media, as the difference between post and blog, etc

[36.15]- The worst thing that could happen to your post is that nobody would see it

[37.10]- People learn at different speeds which is one of the reasons that they do not do webinars

[37.56]- They use brandwatch for social media listing

[38.14]- Leadfeeder for website visitors and passle for writing blogs

[39.35]- Leedfeeder shows you the IP address of your visitors

[40.29]- One can connect leadfeeder to LinkedIn to facilitate their search

[41.44]- They use Buffer to schedule postings on social media

[43.42]– Tim uses flipbook to create content. One of his salespeople is writing a lot of blogs about the topics their target company is looking for

[44.31]- By sharing each other’s content on social media Tim and his co-founders get visibility to people they are not connected to

[45.34]- When you write your LinkedIn profile, write what you to be in your future not what you are right now

[46.40]- Tim gets up at 5 AM. He always has one social media post planned one night before

[47.28]- Tim shows his book again’

Key Takeaways-

  • Smarketing: How to Achieve Competitive Advantage through Blended Sales and Marketing
  • Social Selling: Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers


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