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Thank You Noah Kagan – a Findthatlead Post after Being Featured on Appsumo

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I don’t want to sell you anything. I won’t use this post to launch a deal or tell you about a new upgrade. It’s not all about the money. It never is.

This post is a Thank You note.

My name is Gerard Compte, and AppSumo changed my life.

After 4 years of hustling, FindThatLead is now sitting at $70K MRR. Our userbase keeps growing and our team is expanding.

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We are far from done, but 2017 was our best year ever.

The impact AppSumo had on our recent growth can be identified in all of ourvar t18 = 1200; key metrics.

Even with the deal long sold out, we are still getting referrals and new customers coming through them.

That’s why we wanted to say Thank You! to Noah Kagan and the entire AppSumo team.

With a little flair… as we like to do things around here.

If you want to check out how we did it… Go to

. . .

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Content wrote by
Gerard Compte

Gerard Compte

In love at first sight with Growth Marketing I CEO at FindThatLead I Whatever you do, build it with love, passion and patience.
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