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How we used FindThatLead to Quickly Scale our Business (& how you can do it, too!)

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How are you finding your leads? Are you still trying to find them manually? 

This is one of the first questions we ask our clients.

You’d be shocked about the answers as most of them still go through the hassle of finding emails manually.  

Imagine this: Your marketing manager has tasked you with an Outbound campaign to get more backlinks for your blog post. 

You went online, found 60 publishers that might be interested in your piece – great. 

Now, comes the part you’ve been dreading: Finding email addresses for all 60 publishers.

And of course, you’re not satisfied with any person or any email, you want the email of their decision-makers A.K.A. their content manager, or CMO. 

Manually looking for these emails would take hours…

Many companies do a very good job at hiding their emails somewhere on the website. 

And individually reaching out to all your prospects on LinkedIn would take just as long. 

That’s why we at Klint Marketing are using FindThatLead to get quality leads within seconds instead of hours.

In the blink of an eye, ‘FindThatLead’ generated two emails for Klint Marketing.

Klint Marketing is a digital marketing and growth-hacking agency that lives on automating repetitive tasks like finding emails for leads. 

Every week, we send out outreach campaigns for ourselves and our clients to promote blog posts, events, sales pitches, and many other marketing-related contents.

For some campaigns, we have lead lists with over 1000 prospects. Finding emails manually for all of them would be a huge waste of our time. 

With Find that Lead we’re able to deliver quality leads to our clients just minutes after they put us on the task. Needless to say, they love it. 

We want to show you how you as well can add hours back to your week by using Find that Lead. And the best thing is, the software is super easy to use. So making the switch will be a walk in the park. 

P.S: Even if you’re already a loyal user of Find that Lead, you might still find a few useful tips in this article on how to get the most out of the software.

Get better results for your cold outreach by fixing your targeting

If you’re a sales rep or marketer, cold outreach is probably at the top of your “Things I Hate about my Job” list. But it really doesn’t have to be. 

Most sales reps or marketers waste so much time trying to write “the perfect email copy”. But in our experience, the targeting of your cold outreach is as important as your email copy. 

But it’s not just us, Sumo would agree. 

Not convinced? Let us show you what we mean. 

Here’s an email we received not too long ago: 

The email copy is not particularly original or creative but it’s targeted: 

  • It starts with “Hey Taylor,…” (the name of our CEO) and not just “Hi there,…”. 
  • As a digital marketing agency, we’re always happy about interested guest post authors or indirect link swap opportunities. 

So, you can bet that this email got a response. 

But most of the emails we receive sadly miss the mark: 

The email copy is better than the previous example as already the first sentence tells us how we could benefit. The only problem is that the targeting is off:

  • Here we have our generic intro with “Hello,…”
  • As a digital marketing agency, outsourcing our marketing really doesn’t make a lot of sense. 

You can probably guess where this email ended up. 

So, before you spend hours trying to craft your next cold email, fix your targeting with ‘Find that Lead’. And once you see the results, cold outreach won’t sound so bad anymore. 

We’ll show you the results of some of our outreach campaigns in a bit but first, let’s see how to actually fix your targeting. 

Fix the targeting of your cold outreach with ‘FindThatLead’

Let’s quickly think back to the task your marketing manager has put you on: Find emails for 60 publishers that might be interested in your blog post. 

Here’s how we would go about this task using FindThatLead: 

  1. Use the domain search function to find emails for all 60 publishers in one go
  2. Automatically verify the emails to make sure you’re getting quality leads only
  3. Import your results into Google Sheets to experience the magic


  • FindThatLead did not only find emails for the publishers but also already verified them.
  • The software also found the name and surname for each email so you no longer have to send out generic emails. 
  • Lastly, you now know the position of each lead. For our task, we would want to email the community marketing coordinator as well as the director of native content instead of the corporate counsel for example. 

And that’s how easy it is to fix your targeting with Find that Lead. 

Now, as we had promised here are the results of some of our cold outreach campaigns. For all of them, we used Find that Lead to build our lead lists.  

For comparison, a good open rate for a cold outreach email is 25%, and the average response rate to a cold email is 1%

Example 1:

This campaign promoted our article ‘28 Social media trends [2021 update]

  • Open rate: 50%
  • Replied: 3%
  • Bounce rate: 0%

The biggest win of the campaign: 

  • 3 guest post opportunities on blogs that enjoyed our content. 

Example 2: 

This campaign promoted our article ‘35 Examples of a Rebranding Fail And What We Can Learn [2021 Update]

  • Open rate: 81%
  • Replied: 9%
  • Bounce rate: 0%

The biggest win of the campaign: 

  • A social media mention on an account with 100k followers that spiked our traffic to 500 daily visitors.

Example 3:

One of our best-performing campaigns promoted our article  ‘60+ Powerful Marketing Tech Stack Examples [2021 UPDATE]’ 

  • Open rate: 79%
  • Replied: 12%
  • Bounce rate: 0%

The biggest win of the campaign: 

  • Collaboration opportunity with marketing consultancy (DR: 81)

Our 3 tips for ‘FindThatLead’ that you should start using today

FindThatLead has many cool features:

  1. Finding leads by audience segment
  2. Getting leads through social media profiles
  3. Automating your email campaigns

But our favorite feature must be their bulk domain search. Here are our 3 tips for optimizing your bulk domain search: 

  1. Find that Lead will generate generic emails such as ‘’ as well as personal emails such as ‘’. You want to focus on sending your pitches to personal emails as they are more likely to respond. 
  2. For most leads, you will get their job title, too. Carefully choose who to reach out to. If you’re sending a sales pitch, it’s better to reach out to a CEO, a sales manager, or a marketing manager instead of a CTO for example. 
  3. You can choose to get up to 10 emails per company. So, don’t just send your campaign to one person. They might be on temporary leave or maybe have more pressing matters to deal with. Pick 3-4 emails to increase your success rate. 

Can’t find an email on a website? No problem.

Our conclusion?

We love FindThatLead because it’s super easy to use and delivers on its promises of finding quality leads within seconds. 

In the past, when you couldn’t find someone’s email, you had to reluctantly give up on that lead. With FindThatLead that’s no longer an issue.

99% of the time, you will get at least one lead per company. 

So, if you want to save tons of time and focus your energy on more fun tasks than searching for emails, we highly recommend you give FindThatLead a try.  

Kira is a PR specialist at Klint Marketing. As of now, her number goal is to spread the word (& love) about marketing automation, one article at a time. She’s a firm believer that all you need to make the move towards marketing automation is curiosity.


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