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The 3 keys to succeed with your product and get customers by Gerard Compte. (LIFT99)

get customers by emails

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The main topic of the post is about how to get customers and give you a few keys to success with your product, but first, I’m going to put you in the mood. As you already know, since a few years ago I’m traveling around the world with my camper, my partner Sasha and Aura, my dog (Here you can follow my adventures daily). One of my mandatory stops was the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv (What an amazing place).

There is a cool space where digital nomads from all over the world are working on their amazing projects. This place is LIFT99, a spacious and trendy coworking where you can even find a helicopter in one of the main rooms (and sit on one of the puffs inside).

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workshop was improvised for digital nomads of all kinds and on stage, I was talking about how to succeed and get customers with your product, to generate leads simply and at the end I also taught some tips or cheats to send emails, here you can see it. WHAT A SHOW!

And if you are short of time you can read the most interesting part of the conference here:

How to succeed with your product

  •    Does your product benefit society in any way?

One of the things why, from my perspective, we have achieved success within FindThatLead is because we understood from the very beginning what the core is. What can we do so that our product can improve society?

This has happened to me many times and it is one of the best feelings in the world: Waking up in the morning and reading an email from a friend thanking you for helping them find a client’s email, it just makes your day.

My advice is: Find a way to make your product a benefit to society. And that’s going to be one of the main reasons you wake up in the morning eager to make progress on your project and willing to get customers.

  •  Is your product amazing?

You have to be the first to think your product is awesome. Some time ago I used to compare myself with the product of our own competitors and you can’t imagine how bad it feels to see that other companies have managed to have an amazing product. Until you learn to see it from another perspective you won’t see how awesome your product is! But this is not new, we have always tended to make hateful comparisons with other people, we even compare ourselves with someone we think is much better than us.

But you need to learn to compare in time, how were you a year, months or weeks ago? How are you now? THAT is the real comparison. 

  • I will do whatever it takes to get my product to market and make it successful.

So if I know that my product is amazing and brings something to society, I’m going to do whatever it takes to make my product successful. If you have to make 100 calls a day or send 1000 emails, make a hustle, you have to do it to get customers. 

It is crucial in this aspect to know how to find success.



Captura 2


1- Banner

Show the world what you do in an image of 1128 x 191 pixels. You are about to send more than 100 messages a day, hundreds of people are going to see your profile every day and one of the main elements they are going to see is your banner. COMMUNICATE.

2- Professional Avatar

Show yourself, generate closeness and trust with a picture of yourself to boost your skill to get customers.

3- Headline: what do you do and who do you help?

You don’t have to show that you are the CEO of a company that few people know (unless you do it for TESLA) just show what you do for the company, how you help them.

4- Add all the steps

It is very important not to leave anything blank, have your profile complete, that both your future clients and LinkedIn itself see that you dedicate time to your profile.

5- Have daily visits to your profile

All of the above helps to generate this, create an activity or simply automate LinkedIn to get customers.

6- About: it has to be well written

Include KEYWORDS of the sector, of the competition, of EVERYTHING relevant that makes LinkedIn show you as valuable content in order to get customers.


Get customers

Once we have our profile ready we must generate activity on LinkedIn:

Comment on posts, drop a few Likes, search for this content using Keywords of the sector…

Basically what we usually do in our downtime with any other social network like Instagram or Tiktok. (in the bathroom, waiting for the subway…).

After all, LinkedIn is a social network where we also have to generate content: upload photos and talk about how much you like your job, a product, or how you liked the new Durex marketing campaign.

Here’s a magic trick

If you don’t know what to write about, COPY it without any fear. LinkedIn does not take into account “plagiarism” (If you quote the person who wrote the text is better). Posting valuable content constantly makes LinkedIn rank you better in its algorithm, and that means that your profile will get customers.

The best way to get customers on LinkedIn

Here is a little cheat to find leads:

Let’s put ourselves in the hypothetical case that I have studied in Kyiv and I am seeking new clients in New York -> Look for people who studied at the same university in Kyiv (If it is a top university even better) and who are now CEO’s in New York, you will be surprised of the number of people that can be found. This is an incredible technique to get customers and expand your product to every country without having any idea of the language spoken there.

Final Step… SCRAB.IN.

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Now we have our LinkedIn optimized to use and get the most out of Here I leave several tutorials for you to configure and set up the tool at the same time you watch the video. One of the most powerful tools to get customers

You can get started for free with here!


The 7 golden rules of cold emails.

  1.  Make it real and direct/emotional.
  2.  Don’t use templates.
  3.  Keep it Whatsapp style, be warm.
  4.  Create a relationship, not a presentation.
  5.  Remind them how awesome they are.
  6.  A CTA(Call to action) in every email.
  7.  Don’t tell them who you are or what your name is. Tell them what you do.

Now it’s time to put it into practice. Let’s get customers! Why don’t you start by sending an email to those clients or potential clients that you have yet to contact by applying these rules? START IT HERE!

. . .

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