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6 Magic Words to Help You Sell More

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What does a salesperson have to sell their company’s product or service? Words!

Words are the magic that salespeople use to get new customers to buy what they are selling.

In order to be truly successful, you need to choose your words and message carefully.

A long email written without thought is much different than a well thought out email, with the message and word choice analyzed in advance.

So how do you know which words are the best? We’ve investigated and found 6 magic words that will help you to sell more.

1. You

When you are trying to sell something to another person (be it sales or marketing), the essential key to remember is you have to make the sales pitch relevant to them! No one wants to reciprocate with someone who only talks about their company, their solution, bla, bla, bla! People want to hear what is relevant for them, how it affects them, why it’s interesting for them.

So when you practice your sales pitch, find a way to bring the customer back into the pitch. Try to always make it about them!

Instead of asking “are you” change to “you are”.

For example “Are you the Director of Marketing?” to “You are the Director of Marketing?”.

This subtle change is more direct, and so long as you keep it as a question it’s not seen as too aggressive.

It also puts them in a position of agreeing with you, rather than answering questions.

This subconsciously puts their mind in a position to agree with you later down the line.

2. Their Name

In line with the point above, people want to talk and hear about themselves.

In addition to meaning “you” as much as possible, finding ways to repeat their name throughout your communications is a great trick to keep them engaged.

Your customer will feel like you’ve created something customized just for them, and will help them to stay focused on your pitch.

Why? Psychologically, we are wired to pay better attention if someone says our name.

3. Value

So now you know that you will need to focus on bringing the customer into the conversation and repeating their name throughout your communications.

But how do you make the pitch interesting for them?

Put yourself in your customer´s shoes, and take yourself out of the equation.

You need to communicate strongly the value that your product or solution offers, not a long list of features and product details. People don’t care about details, but they do care about the resulting value from using a potential product.

For example, in FindThatLead we don’t necessarily go on and on about how we connect to Linkedin to find anyone’s email address, or that we are compatible with Google Spreadsheets, how you can import and export contact details easily, etc.

Instead, to focus on the value we would communicate the value: how with FindThatLead you can easily find your leads´ email addresses and other contact details, saving time, with the end result of helping you to close more deals.

4. Imagine

Imagine is definitely one of those special, magical words that help to convey your message.

Instead of just “telling” your lead why they should buy your product, you should explain its value through a story.

By having your lead imagine a story, especially a story very similar to their situation, they will be imagining themselves in that situation using your product.

5. Because

While the word “because” may not be as magical as “imagine”, it serves a strong purpose for sales. Instead of just saying why your product is better, why they need to buy it, etc. — back yourself up with good reasons using because.

For example: FindThatLead is the best email tool out there! Better: FindThatLead is the best email tool out there because we connect to Linkedin and find emails within seconds.

6. Opportunity

Instead of focusing on your customer´s “problem”, focusing on presenting an “opportunity” to them.

Problem is a negative concept, and by discussing how you will create new opportunity it will shine a positive light on your argument.

Have you tried any of these magic words?

Do you have any secret words you use to help you sell more? Let us know on social media!

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