Linkedin Is Killing Automation – Is There A Safe Way Out?

Linkedin automation is facing some unprecedented challenges. Linkedin is vehemently discouraging it, and it can even jeopardize your profile.

Famous growth hacker Josh Fetcher, who taught many how actually to use Linkedin, lost his Linkedin account, due to excessive automation.

It is quite evident from the recent breakdown of some great automation tools like Linkedhelper and others.

But there is something not everyone can see.

There are some tools that Linkedin could not detect.Β 

Let’s dive into the technical aspects of it!

Linkedin analyzed what is inside the attributes of HTML tags, which has made current LinkedIn automation tools prone to detection.

Some new updates to their algorithms have made the HTML text unable to be by machine learning of Linkedin.

However, it is not easy to keep up with the counter changes Linkedin might bring further!

So what is the solution to all the problems?

Well, the safest tool as of now is the one that does not use any HTML tags.

There is no chance of detection since there are HTML tags and weird texts.

A tool that could replicate human behavior to the extent that it is almost impossible to be detected by Linkedin machine learning!

Recently we have been developing – a tool that spends the whole day scraping and extracting data from other Linkedin profiles. This tool will do the prospecting work for you in just minutes!


What makes it even better?

  1. Sets your lead generation on autopilot-

    Even when you are sleeping, scrabin stays awake and do the lead generation drill for you, 24*7. So, eat, relax, and let scrabin do the lead generation.

  2. does not meddle with the UI- does not make any changes to the UI, like many other tools do. It just reads the content form the profiles it visits, and save the content as humans do.

  3. It operates within limits, therefore safer-

    Scrabin operates like humans. It has some strict limitations set about the number of visits per day, the number of messages and many other functions that Linkedin automation tools perform.

  4. FindThatLead-

    With advanced tools of FindThatLead, you can further enrich the data collects for you!

Once you have the database of the profiles you want, add this list in FindThatLead to create a campaign and send the emails to do business.


What happens when you use with Linkedin?

Jordi and many other users out there are using Scrabin and they share the same story.

What are you waiting for?

Try scrabin right now and you would see the difference for yourself.

Scrabin is the revolution in the process of becoming.!

Getting leads in Linkedin is easy – with Scrab.In! πŸ¦€


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