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Influencer Outreach in 2022, 3 Proven Templates to Maximize Your Influencer Marketing Campaign.

influencer outreach

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Influencer marketing in 2022 is a strategy that does not go unnoticed, new powerful platforms such as TikTok are established and new trends such as niche influencers and short-form video are becoming a new trend. I always say that the first part is the most important part, to take action and start contacting the influencers for our campaign. In this article we will show you the best way to do influencer outreach to your campaigns. Read below!

Why keep doing influencer marketing in 2022?

It is a simple and cheap strategy to showcase your product or service, the pandemic and the covid situation between 2020-2021 have only increased the capital spent on influencer marketing.

New types of agencies have been established to control the commercial actions of these influencers, also new techniques such as gifts, experiences, and different types of affiliations have been implemented that lower the costs of these influencers, even though the overall cost of these influencers is gradually increasing.

They are professionals in content production and know their audience better than anyone else; let them do their job and the outcomes will improve.

It is not an exclusive strategy for large companies; small and medium-sized companies benefit from a well-designed and executed influencer marketing strategy, since, as I mentioned before, it is a really economical option.

What types of influencers exist?

Each influencer has a unique audience and can be classified in different ways.

According to their number of followers they can be considered:

  • Nano-influencers: between 2,000 and 5,000 followers.
  • Micro-influencers: between 5,000 and 100,000 followers
  • Macro-influencers: between 100,000 and 500,000 followers
  • Famous-influencers: between 500,000 and 1,000,000 followers
  • Mega-influencers: more than 1,000,000,000 followers

Nano-influencers and micro-influencers usually have a higher interaction rate than those with more than one million followers, which ends up being much more beneficial for the company in terms of numbers or profitability. By having a higher engagement with their followers, collaborations are in many cases more effective.

We can also classify influencers if they have generic content or if they specialize in a niche, which is very profitable for companies in the niche sector if they manage to work with it.

Before influencer outreach

  • Set your objectives

Before influencer outreach, we need to configure the influencer marketing strategy, define objectives and ask ourselves what we are going to achieve with these actions, first of all, they have to be measurable results.

These objectives can be conversions, traffic, reach, webinar registrations, sweepstakes, or even just branding.

To do this we can create a list with these measurable objectives and see the KPIs we can focus on ROI (Return of Investment), the reach of the publication(s), traffic generated… It all depends on the defined objectives.

Once we have defined the objectives of our influencer marketing campaign we want to know how best to communicate, platforms on which we are going to be visible, and what kind of actions we are going to take to enhance our campaign.

In 2022 the short video format on reels/TikTok/shorts is quite powerful and has become mainstream, although every action depends on our target and the way we communicate.

Analyzing the type of influencer that is going to communicate for our brand is another important task, knowing how they work with brands, how they communicate, relevance to their audience, matching the type of audience you want to target… In most cases, it does not make sense for a brand whose target market is video games to run a campaign with influencers who create content based on travel.

Making the influencer fall in love with your brand will be an extra motivation and is a way to guarantee results in our influencer outreach. If the influencer knows your product, uses it, and is in tune with the brand’s values, he/she will do a job with pleasure, and your audience will notice in most cases if the influencer is comfortable doing that job.

It is never a bad idea to have a small meeting or call with the influencer for brainstorming, to let them know your expectations about the campaign and to know first hand theirs, if they are a user of your product, if they are familiar with the brand, etc.

You should let the influencer work, but if we can simplify the work much better, prepare a generic briefing with clear objectives, the platform/s where we are going to take action, the actions to take, and make clear the form of communication that is requested is a must and has proven that it maximizes the results.

Finding the influencer’s contact information

In this step we oficially start influencer outreach, it is usually more difficult to find the contact the fewer followers they have on their social media, although agencies are increasingly working to detect the talents nano-influencers and sign them to their roster.

There are different ways to find out how to influencer outreach.

  • Social media

Many of them (the great majority) allow brands to contact them on their own social networks as it is a source of income. Their email may appear in the Bio of their profiles or a link can appear as link.tree or, these websites are sites that lead to the pages of interest of the person who configures them, and in most cases, the contact appears in form of an email.

  • Influencer Marketing Agency Website

As I mentioned before, many of the influencers are signed by agencies that are in charge of finding and managing the influencers’ marketing actions.

Each agency has its website where they “rent” these influencers in exchange for a percentage.

For this reason, for companies that carry out influencer marketing strategies, it can be inconvenient to have an influencer marketing agency behind them. The following methods that I am going to show you will allow you to find the influencer’s own email so you don’t have to contact any intermediary. Let’s get to it.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the professional social network for excellence, when creating and setting up a LinkedIn profile for the first time, putting the contact details is one of the first actions that users do, it is an easy way to learn more about the professional.

Tools like can also be used for influencer outreach, you can register here!

If we are a 2nd-degree contact we can even ask one of the contacts in common to recommend us, which increases the chances of response!

  • Email finders

The most hacker way to find emails is by using tools that find them for you.

For example, FindThatLead has several tools to find your emails, this tool consumes one credit for each email found, but for free you get 40 credits each month, you can try it here! In a simple way you can use:

  • Social tool:

Within Findthatlead you can find the “Social” section, which allows you to find the email(s) of the person you are looking for just by entering their LinkedIn URL.

influencer outreach

  • Search by name

Quite simply, do you know his name and if he works in any company and/or has his own? Enter it and you will find the email.

influencer outreach

There are more methods to find people’s emails that we have explained in this other blog article.

First contact with an influencer

Once we have a contact email we must take action, remember that the deeper you know about the person you are going to contact the more chances you have of response. Before approaching them, you have to follow their work and the know-how they work.

As a company that does influencer marketing, you can not treat the influencer as a simple collaborator or hire, is an employee of your company and you have to create a company-employee relationship with them, it will be another communication channel and it is important that they feel integrated, in the medium and long term you will be grateful.

Here are a couple of templates that you can use as inspiration for influencer outreach

Template 1

Subject: [Your company] & [Influencer] 🤝🏻

Hello, [Name]

First of all, I want to thank you for those amazing life-hacks you share on your social media, especially [Link to Post] keeps helping me a lot in my [related to post] task, I find it amazing!

From [Our company] we are looking for new communication channels and I thought of you, it would be amazing to do something together, I would love to talk to you about this topic in a meet, I have several great ideas that we can realize together!

How about tomorrow at 10 o’clock?

Best regards!

Template 2

Subject: Collab proposal with [Our company]! 🙌🏻

Hey, [name]!

We are preparing our marketing campaign for the launch of a new product at [Our company] and we would love for you to be part of it as a brand ambassador! From our team we think we share similar brand values, wouldn’t we love to talk about this in more depth and how we could collaborate.

Can we have a quick call tomorrow at 10?

Best regards!

Template 3

Subject: We’ve fallen in love with your content! 😍

Hey, [Name]!

Members of our team (myself included) have been following your work for a while now and we would love to work with you!

Do you know [Our company]? We are dedicated to [industry and what you do in the market] and we have a lot of people in common!

If you like what we do, is it okay if we talk tomorrow at 10:00 in a quick call?

Best regards!

The next step is to wait for them to answer and close the deal in a meeting. Remember, give your point of view and, above all, listen to theirs, agree on the parties and create the perfect climate for an incredible work to be cooked with extraordinary results.

Final words on influencer outreach

The only thing left to do is to follow up on the commercial actions, it is never a bad thing to keep in direct contact with the influencer, to know first-hand what they think about the course of the collaboration, and to work on the company-influencer relationship.

Nowadays, social networks have incorporated incredible KPIs that the influencer usually has available for viewing, it is important to share them for better monitoring of the campaign itself.

The influencer is another party that has to feel satisfied with the results and with the way of working, turn him/her into a friendly figure of your brand and he/she will be your best ambassador!

. . .

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