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+60 Email Subject Lines for Sales Success

email subject lines for sales

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A compelling subject line can make or break your sales email. It’s the first thing your recipient sees and plays a huge role in whether they’ll open your email or not.

Here’s an interesting fact: nearly 35% of recipients open emails based primarily on the subject line. This highlights just how crucial your choice of words in the subject line is. All the research and effort you put into your emails could be for nothing if your subject line doesn’t catch the reader’s attention.

But there’s no need to worry about running out of ideas. In this post, you’ll find 60 creative examples of email subject lines that have proven effective in sales. These examples are more than just inspiration; they’re practical ideas you can adapt to fit your own sales strategy.

Importance of catchy email subject lines for sales

Why do catchy email subject lines matter so much in sales? It’s simple: they grab attention. In a crowded inbox, your email needs to stand out, and the subject line is your best chance to make an immediate impact. It’s not just about being noticed, though. A catchy subject line also sets the tone for your email, hinting at its content and value.

A straightforward yet intriguing subject line can make the difference between an open email and one that’s overlooked. It’s about striking the right balance – being interesting without being misleading, and being concise without being vague. Remember, your subject line is your first impression, and in the world of sales, first impressions can make all the difference.

Setting the stage: What makes a good sales email subject line?

So, what exactly makes a good sales email subject line? First, it needs to be relevant to your audience. Understanding your recipients’ interests and needs is crucial. Personalization plays a big role here. A subject line that speaks directly to the recipient’s preferences or pain points is more likely to get noticed.

Then, clarity and conciseness are key. Your subject line should clearly convey the value of your email in just a few words. Avoid jargon or overly complex phrases. keep it simple and to the point.

And finally, don’t underestimate the power of curiosity. A subject line that piques interest without giving everything away can be incredibly effective. It’s about creating a sense of intrigue that compels the reader to find out more.

Crafting the Best Email Subject Lines for Sales

Creating the best email subject lines for sales is an art and a science. It involves understanding both your product and your audience. The goal is to craft a line that resonates with your recipients and compels them to open the email. It’s about finding the sweet spot where relevance meets creativity.

A great subject line reflects the content of your email in a compelling way. It should echo the tone of your message and align with your brand voice. Whether it’s professional, casual, or somewhere in between, consistency is key.

Understanding Your Audience

What challenges do they face? How does your offering help? Focus on specifics: industry issues, personal interests, and potential business pain points.

How to create attention-grabbing subject lines for sales emails

Crafting subject lines for cold sales emails? Focus on relevance and precision. Your subject line should immediately signal to the recipient that your email addresses their specific needs or offers valuable insights. Here are some approaches:

  1. Direct Reference to a Business Need or Challenge: “Increase Your Team’s Productivity with [Product/Service Name]” or “Cut Your IT Costs in Half “.
  2. Mention a Mutual Connection or Event: “Following up from Our Meeting at [Event Name]” or “[Mutual Contact] Suggested I Get in Touch”.
  3. Offer a Clear Benefit or Solution: “Solve [Specific Problem] Today with [Your Solution]” or “Enhance Your [Specific Process]”.

Best Sales Email Subject Lines – Strategies & Tips

In cold email sales, the approach is distinct from traditional email marketing. Here are some key tips:

  1. Know Your Prospect: Research is key. Understand the business, role, and challenges of your recipient. This lets you tailor the subject line to be relevant to them, increasing the chance of your email being opened.
  2. Personalization is Crucial: Use the prospect’s name or something about their company in the subject line. For example, “John, New Insights for ABC Corp’s Marketing Strategy” grabs attention better than a generic subject line.
  3. Be Brief and Clear: Keep subject lines short and clear. A concise subject line shows respect for the recipient’s time and improves your chances of getting noticed.
  4. Start a Conversation, Not a Sale: Cold emails should open a dialogue. Use the subject line to start a conversation rather than pushing a sale. “Seeking Your Insights on Industry Trend” can be more effective than pitching a product or service straight away.
  5. Avoid Sales Jargon: Stay away from overused sales phrases like “Once in a lifetime opportunity” or “Revolutionary product”. Opt for straightforward and sincere language.
  6. Test and Adjust: Testing is essential. Use A/B testing to try different subject lines and see what resonates best with your audience. Track open rates to understand which approaches work better.

Incorporating these strategies into your cold email subject lines can help you create more meaningful connections with your prospects and enhance your sales email performance.

Examples & Inspiration

Crafting compelling subject lines for your sales emails can be challenging. To spark some inspiration, here are 30 examples based on successful approaches. These aren’t meant to be copied directly but rather serve as a springboard for your own creativity.

Sales Email Subject Lines Examples to Get You Started

  1. [Our Company] & [Their Company] – For example: FindThatLead &
  2. Quick Insight: [Industry Trend or Statistic]
  3. [Prospect’s Name], Let’s Discuss [Relevant Topic]
  4. New Strategies for [Industry-Specific Goal]
  5. A Fresh Perspective on [Common Pain Point]
  6. [Mutual Connection] Recommended We Connect
  7. I need to talk with you
  8. [Prospect’s Company] + [Your Company]: Potential Synergies?
  9. Achieving [Specific Goal] in [Industry]
  10. Can we talk?
  11. Tailored Solutions for [Company Name]
  12. [Prospect’s Name], a Quick Thought for [Company]
  13. Discover: [Unique Selling Proposition]
  14. Exclusive Insights for [Industry/Company]
  15. How [Your Product/Service] Complements [Their Needs]
  16. Uncover: Strategies to Boost [Specific Metric]
  17. Elevating [Aspect of Their Business]
  18. Transforming [Industry-Specific Process]
  19. [Prospect’s Name], Strategies for [Current Year]
  20. Beyond the Basics: Advanced [Industry] Tactics
  21. [Your Solution] for [Their Pain Point]
  22. A Proven Path to [Desired Outcome]
  23. Next-Level [Service/Product] for [Industry]
  24. [Prospect’s Name], Avoid [Common Mistake]
  25. Harnessing [Technology/Trend] for [Specific Benefit]
  26. Your Guide to [Complex Topic Simplified]
  27. Customized [Product/Service] for [Company Name]
  28. [Prospect’s Name], Let’s Overcome [Obstacle]
  29. [Industry] Trends: What’s Next?
  30. Your Strategy for [Upcoming Year or Season]

Industry-specific examples

here are some industry-specific email subject line examples for sales, crafted to cater to various sectors:

  1. Tech & Software
    • “Revolutionize Your Workflow with AI Integration”
    • “Cutting-Edge Solutions for Tech Startups”
    • “Enhancing Cybersecurity for Your Business”
  2. Healthcare
    • “Innovative Health Tech for Patient Care”
    • “Streamlining Hospital Operations with [Product/Service]”
    • “Improving Patient Outcomes with Advanced Analytics”
  3. Real Estate
    • “Transforming Property Management through Technology”
    • “Next-Level Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents”
    • “Innovative Solutions for Commercial Real Estate”
  4. Education
    • “Empowering Classrooms with Digital Tools”
    • “Innovations in EdTech for Enhanced Learning”
    • “Strategies for Effective Remote Education”
  5. Finance
    • “Optimizing Financial Operations with [Your Product]”
    • “Innovative Fintech Solutions for Your Business”
    • “Streamlining Accounting Processes for SMEs”
  6. Retail & E-commerce
    • “Boosting Online Sales with Personalized Marketing”
    • “Revolutionizing Retail with AI”
    • “E-commerce Strategies for the Modern Consumer”
  7. Manufacturing
    • “Driving Efficiency in Manufacturing with IoT”
    • “Advancements in Automation for Production Lines”
    • “Sustainable Solutions for Modern Manufacturing”
  8. Hospitality
    • “Enhancing Guest Experiences with Smart Tech”
    • “Innovative Solutions for Hotel Management”
    • “Revitalizing Hospitality Services Post-Pandemic”
  9. Transport & Logistics
    • “Optimizing Logistics with AI-Driven Solutions”
    • “Innovative Fleet Management for Efficiency”
    • “Next-Gen Tech for Transportation Services”
  10. Professional Services
    • “Leveraging Big Data for Consulting Services”
    • “Innovative Strategies for Legal Professionals”
    • “Enhancing Your Agency’s Services with AI”

A/B Testing: The key fo refining your sales subject lines

A/B testing is crucial for this. Create two versions of your subject line for the same email and send them to different audience segments. This approach lets you gather data on which one performs better, providing concrete evidence to help you craft more effective subject lines.

Practical Example of A/B Testing in Sales Email Subject Lines

Context: A B2B software company is looking to increase the open rate of its sales emails. The team decided to use A/B testing to optimize the subject lines.


  1. Subject Line Selection: The team creates two different versions of the subject line for the same promotional email.
    • Subject A: “FindThatLead &”
    • Subject B: “Can we Talk?”
  2. Audience Segmentation: The email list is randomly split into two groups. Each group receives an email with one of the subject lines.
  3. Test Duration: The test is conducted over a week to ensure the results aren’t affected by daily variations.


  • Subject A: Open rate of 18%, Response rate of 5%.
  • Subject B: Open rate of 24%, Response rate of 7%.


  • Subject B, which poses a direct question achieves a significantly higher open and response rate.
  • This suggests that direct, relevant questions may be more effective for this audience segment.

Future Actions:

  • The team decides to use similar questions in future subject lines, focusing on how their products can solve specific customer problems.
  • More A/B testing is planned with variations in question phrasing to further refine the strategy.

Conclusion: Tips to remember while crafting sales subject lines

When creating sales email subject lines, keep these key tips in mind:

  1. Be Clear and Concise: Your subject line should quickly convey the email’s value. Avoid overly complex language.
  2. Personalize Where Possible: Use the recipient’s name or references to their business to grab attention.
  3. Spark Curiosity: Create intrigue without being misleading. Make recipients want to learn more.
  4. Use Action Words: Encourage engagement with verbs that prompt action.
  5. Test and Learn: Regularly use A/B testing to find what resonates best with your audience.
  6. Monitor Results: Pay attention to open and Response rates to gauge the effectiveness of your subject lines.
  7. Avoid Spammy Language: Steer clear of words and phrases that might trigger spam filters.
  8. Stay Relevant: Ensure your subject line aligns with the content of your email and is relevant to your audience.
  9. Use FindThatLead Email Sender to send your automated cold email campaigns– You can set up, launch, and manage sales outreach campaigns for free using Email Sender.

Remember, the subject line is your first impression in a cold email campaign. Make it count!

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