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On FindThatLead we have been working hard in order to optimize even more your marketing email strategy and we want to show you how to do it. Here is our webinar.

Some of the topics you will learn in this webinar:

  • How to find your audience
  • How to create a good copy
  • How to do follow-ups
  • Tips to increase your metrics
  • What softwares do you need

Resources mentioned:

The team building… The webinar

A few weeks ago we decided to make an amazing webinar and for my surprise…we did an amazing small project which brought all of us a bit closer.

The webinar was way to contact with all our users. ( Now we are around 40k and 6k customers ). but preparing the webinar turn out to be an amazing small project that make the whole team work together to have 1 objective.

What steps we did and what was the result:

The main objective of the webinar was to share with all the world a few growth hacking techniques and a few new features we are preparing. We wanted to have around 100 people.

First step:

We send an html email with a funny pictures, explaining what we were going to teach:

  • How to find your audience
  • How to create a good copy
  • How to do follow-ups
  • Tips to increase your metrics
  • What softwares do you need

The email had a direct link with a special landing page. ( ) I recommend to do it internally if you have the team. If not you can use Instapage or other landing page software

Once the user register on the landing page, they were ask to add the phone number to be able to call them to confirm their assistance . As a reward we will send them an Ebook.

The first email was send via Sengrid and we hit around 50k users, from here we had around 200 registrations nearly instantly.

On the following days we were sending funny emails remembering the users they were going to have the webinar.

In the end we had around 650 registrations, which is not bad for first time webinar!…

In the webinar we teach different growth hacking technics, best subject lines, and how to send efective emails with differents amazing tools like , Woodpecker, mailsahe and a few others.  ( insert the links from the webinar )

During the webinar we had a few Q&A from the users.

The main idea of the post was to show to the user a few new technics we had develop and the few are comming!

But the best part was doing the webinar…

It was very important that everyone in the company was doing all they could to bring their knowledge and superpower to bring value to the webinar.

It´s amazing when a team works together to accomplish task that benefits the whole team.

The registration:

Once the user register

Second step:


The webinar.

Some times

A few days ago

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