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An Interview With TaskDrive’s CEO | David Henzel

David Henzel Taskdrive FindThatLead Interviews

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Today I share the screen with David Henzel, CEO of TaskDrive a “Sales Development as a Service” company where you can outsource your sales development if you have a budget of more than $15,000 to spend on cold outreach.

He also co-founded LTVplus, a company that provides live chat agents for e.commerce business to help them get more sales and conversions,

David Henzel also co-founded MaxCDN in 2009 in L.A, a content delivery network. He also has a website “” where entrepreneurs can learn how to manage their happiness eliminate their relationship struggles.

Time Stamped Keynotes- David Henzel iNTERVIEW

[00.50]– David introduces himself.

[01.07]- David moved to the U.S where he co-founded the MaxCDN in 2009

[02.28]- David realized that he is not making the desired impact on the society, so he started podcasting and an online course called “managing happiness.”

[02.55]- David and his wife designed the course based on their personal experiences because applying business principles to family worked out good for them and these principles eliminated many of their relationship struggles

[03.19]-David recommends reading “Conscious Capitalism.”

[04.00]-Gerard highlights the importance of giving value and pays thanks to people he connected with in the SaaStock’18

[05.24]-David talks about the importance of running a business and how is it one of the best ways to have an impact on society

[05.58]-He talks about his another business- LTV plus where they provide live chat agents for E-commerce and SaaS businesses

[07.14]-We take all our actions based out of either love or fear, and they are very relevant in running businesses

-If you make decisions out of love you are on the right path

-If you make them out of fear you are on the wrong path

[07.50]-If you are selling out of love then you aim at providing value. You will sell easily. If you sell out of fear, you will achieve short term goals and not succeed in the long term.

[08.10]- David had a fear of speaking, but he believed that he could overcome this fear if love motivates him to speak

[09.27]-David made his Personal Assistant act out of love for the purpose, and it helped her perform much better in communicating and coordinating with all the departments and produce useful newsletters

[10.51]- Gerard shares his experience of working out of love and fear here at FindThatLead.

[11.54]- If you do your cold outreach out of fear you end up spamming and mass-blasting people, which is wrong.

But, if you do it out of love- you do a little research, and you find people that fit your customer profile, who can use your product. You want to help them- you want to have an impact on their lives.

[12.44]- Email these days is used to build relationships with people and is the first step in the long term game of cold outreach.

[13.41]- For a better cold outreach it is essential that you know your ideal customer profile and how much you are going to make from this one customer-

[14.01]- If your customer does not spend with you a lot of money, getting on a call with them is not worth it. In such cases, one should go with the partnership model and try to create win-win situations, for example, in Affiliate marketing.

[15.36]- Gerard shares his experience with the partnership model with The AppSumo, which worked well for FindThatLead

[16.14]- For SaaS business margin is very high, but where more human resources are involved, the margin is meager, so based on the margin you make after paying commissions, select your partner

[17.32]- If you spend more than $15,000 or more in your cold outreach in a year, TaskDrive can be the best option to consider

[18.41]- At TaskDrive, one can avail sales development rep; who can write emails for you, do social selling and even clear your CRM. They do everything your sales development team might do

[19,45]- David has had Aaron Ross in one of the “Managing Happiness” podcasts.

[20.25]- David highlights the example of Aaron Ross. He has a big family and is a hustler as well. He personifies an ideal business persona.

[20.52]- Gerard recommends reading ‘The Power of Habit”. It is essential never to break the 9-5 routine for him to make sure that he has right work-life balance

[22.50]- Gerard shares importance of work-life balance in his life

[23.37]- David wants to create 10,000 jobs so that he can help 10,000 of those people working for him.

[24.00]- They have some training programs in the Philippines where they hire young people and train them for some roles in their company

[24.54]-David has a plan to set up an office in the Philippines where people could come and work if they want to

[25.40]-Getting an amazing Virtual Assistant is as difficult as getting a fantastic sales rep. It takes years to find an amazing virtual assistant.

[26.45]- David and his company have a strict procedure to filter out the best candidates, and they train them as well, so it becomes quite easy to identify the best fit for their positions

[27.37]- David used to put out the same jobs ten times on a Freelancer website to find out the best candidate for the position and out of those ten people he would pick 3-4 and tested them again until he gets the best fit for the task

[27.55]-Their hiring process is quite strict because they want to hire the best people to provide the best value to their customers

[28.49]- David and company always have somebody in standby to jump in to handle customers when sales are down. These are people who want to learn to become better.

[31. 00]- When David hires, he asks candidates about the last book they read, to check their growth mindset. The book which had the most significant impact on him regarding business is “Traction-Get a grip on your business.”

[31.43]- “The Four Agreements” had a giant impact on him and he also recommends all the Napolean Hill’s books, and “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie

[32.50]-Gerard recommends YouTube Audiobooks, and David recommends Audible for audiobooks

[33.35]- Gerard recommends TaskDrive’s services

Facebook Live concludes.

Key takeaways-

1. The “Managing happiness” course

2. Books to read
– All books by Napolean Hill
The power of habit
Conscious Capitalism
– The Four Agreements
Traction-Get a grip on your business.

3. TaskDrive’s website


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