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SaaS Onboarding Demystified | Aaron Krall

Aaron Krall SaaS Onboarding Expert FindThatLead Interviews

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Aaron Krall is one of the best SaaS onboarding experts I know. Aaron Krall is unbeatable when it comes to SaaS onboarding expertise.

It has been a pleasure- knowing him professionally and personally. He helps SaaS business create onboarding sequences that convert more trials into subscriptions.

He has an amazing facebook group that helps SaaS business with Onboarding; that is to say, he helps these companies convert their trials to customers.

He has shared a lot of secrets that anybody with a growing SaaS business would find valuable.

Time Stamped Keynotes- Aaron Krall Interview

[01.06]- Aaron Krall helps SaaS to increase their Traffic To Trial Conversions, then trial to full-time users

[01.36]- Aaron has an Awesome Facebook group called SaaS Growth Hacks

[02.19]- There are two sides to creating an onboarding process- Qualitative and Quantitative. They both involve getting to know your customers more.

[02.40]-Aaron talks about Value Switch- A mental switch that hits the mind of a person when a user starts to find value in your product

[02.55]- Identity the “value switch” for a particular segment of the audience and work on it, You have to get your users to see that value switch

[03.25]- You can use Mixpanel to see the actions taken by the people that got them converted

[03.53]- Google Analytics is great, but Mixpanel is excellent for the In-app user experience

[04.13]- Aaron also recommends “Inner Trends,” and he also helping build this tool

Mixpanel and Innertrends are two tools he refers to quantitative analysis.

[04.35]- For the qualitative side, you can use Zoom or Skype and get to know about what your customers know about your tool and what they do not

[05.06]- For messaging, Convert Fox, Intercom or any tool that will allow you to send triggered messages

[05.18]- An in-app messaging tool combined with mixpanel and segmented with google analytics, you can do a lot of things with it

[05.32]- Intercom is for internal onboarding

[06.16]- Gerard recommends Heap Analytics

[07.10]- First phase of chatting with the customer is who the customer is, and what are the pains that they have and that they think the product will solve for them

[07.35]- The questions that might be asked from the visitors might be “What brought you here today,” or “what are the problems you have been facing with this particular job”?

[08.00]- Chat is the best way to uncover objections that the customers have about your tool

[08.16]- If you have a chatbot integrated, 90% of the time people will talk about the objections they have about your tool

[08.38]- He tells how can the messaging be personalized, and you can also get a VA to do that

[09.53]- You should pressurize someone to upgrade to the higher plans available. You want to make it easier for users to do that.

[10.15]- Most of the customers convert pretty quickly, more like in 24 hours

[10.25]- It also depends upon your SaaS, in some cases, it takes four days for customers to get the value switch, which is not right at all

[11.00]- The length of the trial period depends upon the number of days your customer takes to hit the value switch

[11.55]- Your goal should not be getting your customers to update quickly, but to hit that value switch and see the value asap

[13.00]- If someone comes with a terrible product idea, Aaron waits to say anything about the product until it gets traction

[13.26]- If a product does not solve a problem, then no framework can work out for it.

[14.20]- Aaron shares how people can get in touch with him and how the procedure works

[14.53]- Aaron talks about SaaS Startup Implementation Plan (SSIP)

[16.00]- Aaron is also a Wallet Designer, and this is his hobby

[16.38]- is his website

[17.13]- Gerard was very impressed by the quality of the material and hard work put into it

[18.23]- Gerard calls receiving the wallet a beautiful onboarding process [19.00]- Aaron has been to SaaSTR 2-3 times

[22.29]- No method other than watching your customer use your tool can give you better insights

[22,42]- Sujan interviews some of his customers every week

[23.21]- Getting to know your customers is one of the best ways to get to get out of yourself and see what is happening

[24.05]- Gerard often directs his sales team not to be sellsy while making sales call, instead try to know better the customer and their needs

[25.09]- No matter what your price point is, there is no alternative to getting to know your customers better

[25.34]- If you want to get more sales, you have o know your customers better. Spending 1-2 hours a week on 30-minute calls a week can gain you insights enough to double your revenue.

[26.10]- Even if you solve one problem of your ideal customer that they are facing with the tool, you will see your revenue increasing, even by a little

[26.28]- When you are just starting a business, plan at least 50 demos to find what your customers want and what they do not want

[26.52]- You can get your customers hit the value switch during these conversations

[27.32]- Once you have figured out what your customers want, you can automate it right away

[27.55]- Gerard recommends talking to 4-5 customers a week

[28.44]- Aaron has a framework for calls and stuff

[29.25]- Aaron records the customer interviews and has his team has its transcription and highlight keywords

[30.05]- Aaron recommends getting off the screen, going to some quiet place and analyzing what your customer wants

[30.32]- Gerard recommends not working one day a week

[31.20]- Aaron Krall uses a website called

[31.40]- He gets the US-based VAs to do some stuff for him

[33.30]- Aaron dedicates two 5 hours slots for brainstorming strategies, delegating, assigning works to teammates for the whole year

[34.40]- Patrick Campbell from Profitwell talks about keeping customers

[35.30]- In the accelerator course that Aaron does there is three months duration that is only dedicated to customer retention

[36.14]- Gerard recommends the SaaS Growth Hacks to anyone who wants to grow their SaaS business

 Key Takeaways From The Interview-


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