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7 things I do every day to grow my business

7 things I do every day to grow my business

I was talking to a business friend earlier today. He’s great at what he does and wanted to share his advice with me. Which I didn’t follow… 

He told me about the importance of Google analytics, APIs, and using Mixpanel… That’s all great and it’s a good advice. But to be honest with you… That’s not what I do to grow my business. 


7 things I do to grow my business

I like to keep things simple and focus on massive action. Instead of numbers, crunching data, and APIs, here are 7 things I do every day, to grow my business:

 Have at least 10 calls a day with customers, users, and friends

 Be truly interested in their needs and solving their problems

 Use my product on a daily basis… I have to be an expert in what I’m selling

 Be constantly aware of product innovations, MRR, and user concerns

 Send one amazing email a day to a top 1% lead

 Send around 1000 emails a day

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Data is fantastic. You should take advantage of it. I’m NOT advocating you should disregard data. Just make sure you don’t get analysis paralysis. If there’s something that WON’T help you grow your business is getting stuck in consuming mode and doing nothing.

These are some of my best tips to grow FindThatLead over 100k users and +$70k MRR.

What are you doing on a daily basis to grow your business?

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– Gerard

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