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Why Omnipresent Marketing Is So Important

Why Omnipresent Marketing Is So Important

Omnipresent Marketing Gerard Compte


You would surely have heard about Omnipresent Marketing. It means being present with content everywhere possible.

In the loud level of noise created by the excess of all types of content in all the channels, where do you see your content reach?

Today, I am here at Barcelona Activa, and I believe that the issue of creating content and making it reach in the right ears are two equally important things.

Creating content has to be constant and posting it has to be consistent.

Many experts say that there is a lot of content. I beg to differ here because I have observed that too much content of other people is reaching us, but our content is not reaching our future clients.

We can’t just sit back and watch our voice getting fade away in the noise. Neither should you.

We have to be omnipresent with our content to reach people who need our product. We have every obligation to bring our product/service in the market to reach people we should be reaching. If there is too much content everywhere, let it be. We have to put too much content everywhere to be heard and to convey our message to those who need our product no matter where they are.

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We should see business as a way to contribute to society because we want to change the life of people who work for us. This is how I look at my business- a way to contribute to society by improving the lives of people who work for me and more importantly, myself and my family. Some people will buy my product because it will solve all their problem and they will pay me thousands of dollars because I am helping them.

So the choice is yours- you want someone’s content reach you, or you want your future customers to read your content.

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