An Interview With The Creator of Process Street | Vinay Patankar

Vinay Patankar is the CEO of Process street.

Salesforce, Microsoft, Yale, GAP and 1000’s of other companies rely on Process Street to manage and automate repetitive work in their teams.

Process Street is designed to help businesses streamline their operations.

– Create rich Standard Operating Procedures
– Easy to follow checklist interface
– Reduce training time of new and existing employees
– Track employees as they complete tasks
– Rapidly iterate processes and communicate the changes
– Optimize processes through reporting

Time Stamped Keynotes

[00.21]- Processtreet helps small and medium businesses with checklists of various tasks

[01.00]- It supports integration with various other apps like Salesforce, MailChimp and automates tasks between various assistants and workers

[01.37]- Vinay is from Australia, and he was the youngest engineer in Cisco in Australia

[02.00]- He started an e-commerce business in Australia in 2012 and then a marketing agency that pulled leads for finance companies like Citigroup

[02.31]- He had a large team which operated remotely, so systemize that business, he was looking for a lightweight team management tool

[03.00]- He thinks about an idea of a tool could handle the disbursement of tasks that he had to manually, late hours at night and voila, product street was born

[04.00]- Large enterprises with 100s of employees use Their tools

[05.15]- They are a team of 32 people now

[06.04]- Vinay think that product is more critical than marketing

[06.36]- As a Saas company grows, they start to invest more in marketing than on the product itself.

[07.40]– Workflow is a predefined set of steps. Most f the times, you know how a task is going to be done

[09.00]- In the project management tool, you start from unknown. There is no playbook or something to guide its course.

[09.40]- If a company launches 50 products a year, that is a workflow for them

[09.56]- Most of the small companies are in the process of launching the second product, so they decide to go with a project management tool

[10.56]- In the workflow management tools, you can automate all the predefined steps

[12.21]- You can get more structured data out of the tool

[13.21]- Workflow lets you do much more systematic analysis and optimization of the process

[15.38]- If you have just set up a new business and are not sure of the steps that should be taken, do it manually first

[16.06]- By doing a process manually first, you will be able to know whether it is a valuable business activity

[17.05]- Vinay talks about Minimum Viable Process which is inspired by lean methodology- Eliminate the unnecessary and add the best parts

[19.21]- Vinay describes his blog post workflow process

[22.00]- They have a rigorous workflow for content marketing

[23.40]- Gerard thinks that they should be implementing more processes at FindThatLead

[24.29]– There are a lot of problems that one faces while growing a company

[25.52]- Process street has a significant content team that generates 1000s of views and new users every month

[26.32]- In the beginning, they only had the content channel, but later they expanded to many channels

[27.18]- It is easier to grow the company using each channel separately rather than trying to build a single channel superfast

[28.18]– Vinay thinks that content marketing has worked for him the best because one can do it even before they have market fit

[29.18]- When your product is not ready, spending money on other channels is not a cool idea at all and content marketing gives much more returns with negligible input

[30.24]– Gerrard requests the viewers to implement some hacks on content

[31.15]- Vinay meditates, does a lot of exercises, journal, and meditation

[33.34]- One can find all the templates of processes on his website

[34.14]- He recommends reading “measure that matters.”

Key Takeaways

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