Some tips for beginner YouTubers

Starting a youtube is easy but making it successful is not a cakewalk at all. It takes time and patience.

Stan is a talented video maker, narrator, videographer. He started a youtube channel. Stan thought with his skillset, it was impossible to fail.

He uploaded his best content and posted very frequently but he didn’t get views.

His channel shut down eventually.

Do you dream of a successful youtube channel?

Don’t be Stan.

Read these tips if you are serious about not ending up like Stan.

All of these tips will make sure that you don’t become the next Stan.

No one takes a beginner seriously

No matter if you are better than Stan, how good your content is, you are still a beginner.

Wait. It takes time to nurture a channel, getting the initial audience.

Your relatives, friends they all will watch your videos for your happiness for a couple of days. Don’t make videos for them.

Stay in your own niche-

You have got your niche.

Mind your own niche for now and don’t try to fish in someone else’s pond.

Don’t jump into other niches thinking that you will get visitors from there also.

When people come up to subscribe your channel, they get confused about your niche and eventually ending up without subscribing to your channel.

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Good content takes good time:

Even if you are a good storyteller and a videographer like Stan, it is not possible that your first video will yield a good result.

Good content is beyond those. Videography and storytelling are just basic aspects. There are other factors that matter.

Slow motion clips, sound mixing, lightening- you need a team for creating good content.

Demographics, posting time, target audiences are other important factors.

So let’s begin with the tips one by one:

beginner youtube tips



Start It Today:

Don’t have a camera?

Do you have a camera phone?


Then record a video right now and start uploading.

It is never the right time to post your first video.

It is now or never. If you keep waiting for the right time, you will always find an excuse to postpone it.

Most of the first videos aren’t perfect.

Post it now, know your mistake. Upload next soon.

Consistency is the Key-

Be consistent in your posting.

It is important to be consistent while posting videos on YouTube, just like content on other social media.

It takes practice to create good content that everyone likes. You just can’t hold a video back because it seems to satisfy you right now.

Upload your videos consistently.

I know your excuses- you look awkward while facing the camera, quality isn’t good enough, video needs more editing and all blah blah blah-

See there are always excuses. If you have a goal stick to it and work consistently towards it.

Know why you are unique.

Take inspiration, don’t compare yourself.

It is important to be unique and discover your uniqueness, or you might end up shutting down your channel eventually by comparing yourself with others all the time.

It is important not to compare, but take inspiration from YouTubers you love.

Don’t copy them entirely, but try to understand how can you replicate their best things in your own niche, in your own way.

Social sharing is important-

Don’t sound promotional while promoting your videos on social media.

If you follow the activities of your fellow YouTubers in the social media, engage with them.

Leave links to your videos, if you think that they might have some extra knowledge of the content that is in their videos.

Offer them a collaboration. Don’t sound spammy or promotional.

Take a genuine interest or forget.

Work like its the last day of your life-

Hustle as hard as you can.

Nothing is easy when it comes to creating a great youtube channel.

You will fall, fail desperately.

You have to get up everytime you fall.

It takes consistency, hard work, and patience.

Make sure you post consistently and make your content interesting.


There are many other YouTubers out there. Just love what you do, enjoy the process of becoming a successful YouTuber.  The pursuit of becoming the YouTuber of your dream is its own reward.

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