The 10x Rule By Grant Cardone

In “The 10x Rule” Grant Cardone (who we’ve interviewed here) has described the impact of scaling your efforts, money, commitment, and promises 10x.

Throughout the book, he has described the importance of doing bigger.

You can also watch my video review of this book here.

What I liked most in this book is the author’s views about competing in the market. Instead of trying to keep up with the competition, one must try to dominate the niche.

Sometimes we aim for small goals, but with the same efforts we put to achieve those more modest goals, 10x results can be produced.

All we have to do is aim at 10x the standard goals.

Set your aim 10x, operate and execute 10x than the normal and you will definitely achieve much more than you have dreamt of.

The biggest mistake that we commit is that we don’t scale our efforts in proportion with the standard of our goals.

This is how I would summarise it “We often overestimate what we can do in months, and underestimate what we can do in years.”

He also writes that whatever you are today is the result of actions and thoughts, so your thoughts and actions today will determine your future.

Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you, whether it’s your employees or your friends. We have been following this principle at FindThatLead.

Other Few vital points that the book talks a lot about-

1. Overcommit

Overcommit than usual- commit much more than you can do, with your customers and clients and take action.

2. Overdeliver

Deliver more than you promise. I would recommend delivering 10x than promised.

3. Overwork

When you set your goals 10 times higher, you have to work 10 times higher as well

4. Take responsibilities

Learn to take responsibility for your actions and for everything that is happening to you. Once you do that you will always find more practical solutions to the most challenging problems.

5. Being successful is your duty

Being successful is not an option. IT is your duty. You should do everything it takes to be successful.

I would recommend everyone to read this book who is looking for more inspiration in their business. It can change the way you look at success.

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