Getting leads in Linkedin is easy – with Scrab.In! ?

We know it’s hard to get leads or good contacts for you or your business in LinkedIn.

This is why we want to help you to prospect, to sell, and of course, we want you to improve and grow every day.

We wake up every morning with one aim: upgrade the tools we have and create new ones.

? We automate our LinkedIn lead 
generation with


Recently we have been developing Scrab.In – a tool that spends the whole day scraping and extracting data from other Linkedin profiles. This tool will do the prospecting work for you in just minutes.


Do you want to know what Scrabin ? does for you?

What our tool may do for you is generate leads and contacts from your social networks instantly.

In other words, it automates all your activities in social media so that you can interact with the profiles you are looking at.


What does it mean?

It means that LinkedIn does not realise who is making the research.

Furthermore, Scrabin will convert your second degree contacts in friends and you will talk directly with them ?‍?‍?‍?

It’s perfect, because you can make different tasks at the same time that Scrab.In is working for you.

It never stops…

This tool is set to become a REVOLUTION


How do you get the leads or contacts you need for your business?

Our tool will get them in less time than you think

Here you will find STEP BY STEP how to do it!


Before you start, we encourage you to read these tips and ideas on how to make the most of your LinkedIn profile.
We are sure you will find them useful! ?

Now that we are all set, let’s download Scrabin’s Chrome Extension

Step 1: go to your LinkedIn profile

Step 2: make a search of what you want, for example, Marketing Director (CMO)

Step 3: click on the extension

Step 4: press the button “visit profile”

Step 5: you will see the tool visiting profiles

Step 6: download the data from the profiles you are interested in

Step 7: program an invitation to connect



Once you have the database of the profiles you want, add this list in FindThatLead to create a campaign and send the emails to make business.

That being said, let’s keep going…

Step 8: click on the extension and go to “settings”

Step 9: search for “actions” and activate the following options:

  • Invite people to connect
  • Send an auto message

Step 10: go to Linkedin and filter by first degree contacts

Why? What will happen?

Scrab.In will visit again each profile you have visited and connected.


Look this Youtube video in which Cristian explains this process much better…

This is what you will get using Scrab.In

  • Segment the kind of contact you want and leave the tool Works
  • Visit profiles and convert them into Friends (first degree contacts)
  • Send personalised emails to all of your contacts

Imagine how much time you would spend if you wanted to send around 500 messages. With Scrab.In, you just need a few minutes! ?


Is it legal to track social networks looking for information?

Sure! It is legal! The information you will obtain is from public sources, so you have nothing to worry about.

Right know, hundreds of people are tracking information from other social networks and they’re obtaining tons of information.

Did you know that more than 45% of network traffic is driven by robots instead of people?


Do you want to know where do we get all of this data?

Well, Scrab.In doesn’t obtain the information only from one source, it researches in a lots of places (apps, domains, databases, etc).


How does Scrab.In show the information?

You have the option of convert all the data in just one database. You will get it in a simple and legible way, the program will automatically send a message to your inbox with a CSV file.


What kind of information will Scrab.In send to your inbox?

You will receive data and information about the people you asked for.  You will hardly spend a few minutes of your time.


Most important thing – avoid headaches!

Come on! Don’t waste your time, think about what every business man is doing right now.


How much does it cost?

There are two options

Free trial

100 visits

500 scans


And the we have the payment plans

Scrab.In Plus 12 $

500 visits

1500 scans

auto connect


Scrab.In Ultimate 59 $

500 visits

1500 scans

auto connect

auto endorsement

upload bulk

create emails campaigns


To get started now, just download the Chrome extension here.

We would love to know about your experience with Scrab.In!

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