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Top 15 LinkedIn Email Extractors: Find the Best for Your Business

linkedin email extractor

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If you tell me that you are into B2B and don’t know where to start to find your potential clients, I’ll put it straight for you: LinkedIn. Check this out:

  • More than 700 million active users, about 11% of the entire world’s population is on LinkedIn.
  • In the last year, advertising on LinkedIn has increased by more than 10%, and interaction/engagement by more than 20%.
  • About 40% of all active LinkedIn profiles use the platform daily.
  • LinkedIn is available in 26 different languages.
  • 8 people are hired via LinkedIn every second.

But of course, here comes our problem… Am I able to get the emails of my potential clients?

Manually, you could invite them to your network, check if their email is public, contact them… But… Is that effective? Nah, not at all.

The solution is in this post, a LinkedIn email extractor tool, a tool that allows you to “scrape” in bulk the emails of your potential clients from LinkedIn.

I have compiled the top 15 Email Extractor tools. Shall we get to it?

Understanding LinkedIn Email Extractors

Sure, let’s first explore the concept and role of email extractor tools in B2B:

What Is a LinkedIn Email Extractor?

A LinkedIn Email Extractor is a tool in the form of a script, Chrome extension, web app, or downloadable software that semi-automatically, using various methods, manages to extract emails from your LinkedIn search results, or even from Sales Navigator in some cases.

The Role of Email Extractors in B2B Lead Generation

Data is gold, but… What can you do with the data obtained from these LinkedIn Email Extractor tools?

Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. Here’s what comes to mind immediately:

  • Lead Generation
  • Prospecting
  • Sending bulk emails
  • Market Research
  • Build Ads audiences

No matter your goal, these tools are going to save you thousands and thousands of hours that you would otherwise spend manually building an email list.

Just a few years ago, this capability was only within reach of coders and programmers. Now, that’s no longer the case; anyone can do it in seconds with the right tools.

Without further ado, here is a list of the 15 best scraping tools and lead generation software that will help your business prospect, sell and grow.

Review of Top 15 LinkedIn Email Extractors

Alright, let’s dive into what we came for.

1# FindThatLead

linkedin email extractor tool

FindThatLead is the quintessential all-in-one lead generation tool and, of course, it has developed a LinkedIn email extractor tool in the form of a Chrome extension. Besides being the in-house tool, with FindThatLead you don’t need anything else. It’s particularly useful for small/medium businesses and freelancers looking for a tool with which they can handle all their lead management and generation, thanks to its affordability and ease of use.

Key Features

  • Free internal CRM
  • A complete lead generation kit available
  • Automates a cold emailing process with the generated emails and its “Email Sender”
  • Email verification, only correct emails are generated
  • Integrations with other tools
  • Real-time email generation
  • Minimal learning curve
  • Provides both professional and personal emails, if you choose


You can start generating your emails with their free plan, which allows you to generate up to 60 CORRECT emails and take them to the internal CRM, your particular CRM, or directly into a cold emailing campaign.

The paid plans start from $55 per month, a very competitive price considering you get 1,000 correct emails generated, a tool designed for small businesses and freelancers.


email extractor linkedin tool

This is true gem, is a powerful LinkedIn automation tool for lead generation from LinkedIn. It will help you automate all your Linkedin activities and interact with all the profiles it visits as if visited by you, email extraction included. Plus, you can still power up this tool with FindThatLead’s integration.

Key Features

  • Automate your social media activities
  • Auto-visit, Auto-endorse and send Direct Messages profiles it visits
  • Use with Linkedin Sales Navigator to do even more targeted searches
  • Export all the leads generated in the CSV
  • Ease of use

Pricing also has free version, but you can unleash the full potential with their paid versions, which goes from 12$ to 59$ monthly


linkedin email tool

Another giant in lead generation,, also stands out as a top tool for extracting emails on LinkedIn. is a sales intelligence and engagement service, and its LinkedIn prospector enhances your LinkedIn workflows by extracting email addresses and even phone numbers of B2B leads.

Its basic paid plan offers unlimited credits but limits the extraction of that data to other platforms, like your CRM or exporting it to a .csv file.

Key Features

  • Unlimited credits but with a limit on data export
  • Can provide some phone numbers
  • Internal CRM
  • Email verification


There is a free plan with 50 credits per month. The basic paid plan starts at $49/month for unlimited credits but with limited exports.


linkedin email search

As its name suggests, is a tool that has proven quite efficient for finding emails and enriching existing data lists. In addition to professional emails, it also provides personal emails.

Key Features

  • Professional and personal emails
  • Effective Chrome Extension
  • Email verification
  • Compatible with Sales Navigator


I recommend trying their 7-day free trial if you’re interested, and then the paid plan starts at $39/month for every 1,000 credits.


linkedin email extractor

This tool is advanced, designed for lead building and prospecting, and tailored to what the customer is looking for. It features a tool that allows you to extract emails from leads on LinkedIn very quickly.

Key Features

  • Available as a Chrome extension and web application.
  • Mass mode for advanced searches and extraction of emails and phone numbers.
  • Exporting contacts to CRM.
  • B2B data enrichment.


Free plan with 100 credits/month. Paid plans start from $49/month for 500 credits.

6# Aeroleads

email extractor tool

AeroLeads is a notable tool for identifying verified emails and building email lists in real-time, easy to use. It is available as a Chrome extension and web application, useful for outreach goals through both cold emailing and cold calling.

Key Features

  • Acquires emails and sometimes phone numbers.
  • Easy data export.
  • Integrations with popular CRMs.
  • Verification.
  • Mass and individual email search.


There is a free trial available with 10 credits and a paid plan starting at $49/month for 1,200 credits.

7# LeadGibbon

email extractor

Lead Gibbon is a Chrome extension and all-in-one B2B lead platform like FindThatLead that enables to look you deeper view of your lead’s customers to understand if they are a perfect fit for you.

The key thing with this tool is that it “requires” and fit better with a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account, rather than only LinkedIn.

Key features:

  • Easy export of found emails to your CRM
  • Email verification
  • Sometimes it can find Phone numbers


There is a free trial with 5 credits (too little, but hey). The cheapest plan starts at $49/month – 500 emails.


tool email linkedin is Chrome extension, a super easy tool for emails on LinkedIn, also automates all your bulk email-finding processes.

Key features:

  • It can also be used to automate LinkedIn prospecting, like
  • Integrations with other tools
  • Email verification


You can start the free trial with 200 credits. The cheapest plan costs $49/month for 5,000 credits.

9# GetProspect

linkedin email extractor

GetProspect is a Chrome extension for email extraction that also offers CRM functionalities. Its distinctive advantage is the protection of your LinkedIn account, adjusting profile views to respect the platform’s restrictions.

Key Features

  • Verifies emails upon detection.
  • Allows for mass export and import of emails.
  • Access to a database with 200 million LinkedIn contacts.
  • Versatility to support your marketing campaigns and customer relationship management.


Free plan with 100 emails per month. The basic paid plan starts at $49/month for 1,000 emails.


linkedin tool is a Chrome extension that can leverage either normal LinkedIn search or LinkedIn Sales Navigator, corporate websites, or its own integrated tools.

Key Features

  • Real-time email verification.
  • Bulk email search.
  • Extensions for LinkedIn email extraction compatible with Chrome and Firefox.


  • A permanent free plan with 150 credits.
  • The basic paid plan is $49/month for 1,000 emails.

11# Overloop

This LinkedIn email extractor is part of a CRM and a multi-channel sales automation platform that helps you comprehensively organize your sales by automating lead generation, outreach, deal and lead management, etc.

Key Features

  • Email verification upon discovery.
  • Multifunctionality for CRM uses and email search.
  • Integration with other platforms.


Overloop offers a free CRM, but there is no free plan for its LinkedIn email extraction tool. The paid plan for the email search tool starts at $39/month for 250 credits.

12# Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert offers the functionality to locate email addresses from LinkedIn profiles and is a popular tool for extracting emails, both individually and in bulk.

Key Features

  • Email verification.
  • Individual and bulk email searches on LinkedIn.
  • Integrations with other platforms and applications.
  • The ability to send emails directly to LinkedIn prospects from the platform.


There is a free plan with 50 credits. The basic paid plan is $49/month for 1,000 leads.

13# Leadworx

Did you know that 98% of your website visitors don’t end up contacting you after seeing your site?

Leadworx created a SaaS tool with this piece of insight in mind. This is a great software that helps you identify and reach people who visited your website. You just have to integrate Leadworx’s code on your website.

Key Features

  • Identify and track who’s visiting your website
  • Unlock email addresses and LinkedIn profiles of your visitors
  • Know which pages your prospects interact most with


Free trial available without credit card upfront. Their paid plans are: Basic ($19/mo), Startup ($49/mo), Team ($129/mo), and Premium ($249/mo).

14# Wiza

Wiza is a LinkedIn email extractor ideal for small businesses, standing out with its pay-per-use option at $0.15 per valid email. Compatible with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, it turns search queries into email lists for cold contact campaigns.

Key Features

  • Real-time email verification.
  • Mass extraction of emails from LinkedIn.
  • Searches for phone numbers in addition to emails.
  • Integrations with various platforms and CRMs.


Free plan available with 20 credits. The paid plan starts at $30/month for 100 credits.

15# Phantombuster

Phantombuster is an advanced tool that extends its capabilities beyond just being a LinkedIn email extractor. It is seen as an automation solution that enables data extraction, including emails, from LinkedIn profiles, both individually and in batch.

Key Features

  • Automation of data and email extraction from LinkedIn.
  • Scheduling of tasks and automated sequences.
  • Integration with multiple platforms and tools.
  • Available as a browser extension and web application.


Phantombuster offers a limited free plan and paid plans starting from $30/month, depending on the features and usage level.

Comparison Table

ToolIntegrationsExport optionsFree OptionStarter paid plan
FindThatLeadMultiple, intern CRMCRM & CSV60 Emails$55
Scrab.inSales Navigator & FindThatLeadCSV2.000 actions$12
Apollo.ioIntern CRMCSV (Paid Option)50 credits$49
Emailsearch.ioSales Navigator7 day trial$39
Adapt.ioMultiple, intern CRMCRM100 credits$49
AeroleadsCRMCRM & CSV10 credits$49
LeadGibbonCRM5 credits$49
Reply.ioMultiple200 credits$49
GetProspectCRMCRM & CSV100 credits$49
Skrapp.ioCRM & CSV150 credits$49
Voila NorbertMultiplePlaftorm & CSV50 credits$49
LeadworxFree trialVariable
WizaSales NavigatorCRM & CSV20 credits$30
PhantombusterMultipleLimited Free plan$30

. . .

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