Need Better Sales Prospecting Tools? Here’s Your New Favorite Google Sheets Add-On!

At FindThatLead, we’re always working on improving our current tool and adding new features. One new function that we’re excited about is our seamless integration with Google Spreadsheets. If you and your colleagues are grinding for hours to build long spreadsheets full of leads, then we’ve got just the sales prospecting tools you need. 

Now, instead of having to search one-by-one on Linkedin with our Chrome plugin, all you need to do is download our Google Spreadsheets add-on. After you’ve downloaded the add-on, you just need to follow these five simple steps.

1. Open Google Spreadsheets. Think of all the leads you’d like to find emails for and add them to the spreadsheet. Add in your prospective leads in the first three columns: First Name, Last Name and Web Domain. 

Prospective Leads


2. Once you have added all the data into your spreadsheet, go to the top menu bar. Click on “Add-ons” and select “FindThatLead”, then “Open FindThatlead”

FTL add-on


3. A pane showing the FindThatLead prospecting tool will appear on the right side. Enter the correct column for the First Name, Last Name and Domain Name (ex: Column A, B and C). Also, select whether your spreadsheet has a header. Once you have entered the correct columns, click “Get API Key”.

Select tool


4. This will open a second window, which will provide you with a unique API key. Copy your API key and return to the spreadsheet.



5. Once back in the spreadsheet, paste your API key and click “Get emails”. Then sit back and relax while FTL does the hard sales lead prospecting work for you!

API Key in Spreadsheet


Watch as emails miraculously appear for your prospective clients. The tool will even provide you with an accuracy rating, which lets you know whether the email address is correct or if there may be a problem with it.

Emails FindThatLead

Now you’re good to go! With just five easy steps, FindThatLead´s add-on can save you hours and hours of time searching for prospective emails. And saving time is one thing we love doing for our customers. So don´t forget before you go – Download the FindThatLead Google Spreadsheet Add-On

Have you tried our Google Spreadsheets add-on? Let us know about your experience! Are there any other features you would like to see us integrate? We love your feedback, so please feel free to contact us on social media or via our contact form.


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