Augmenting The Human Marketer | Gil Allouche

Gil Allouche is a software engineer turned data-driven growth marketer, he founded to make demand generation easy for non-technical marketers.

Metadata is a patented technology that combines predictive scoring and programmatic advertising to deliver a predictable pipeline of opt-in lead qualified leads for B2B enterprises. Among their customers: Cisco, UserVoice, Mulesoft, Salesforce, Infoblox, Aerospike and many others

I interviewed him last week for almost 22 minutes.

Time-Stamped Keynotes

[00.28]- Gil is an Artificial intelligence software engineer with experience of running marketing for b2b companies

[00.58]- As a software engineer running marketing, he could see things differently

[01.37]- They have a system that has two components-first components connects with current marketing technologies that you have and analyses what works now and what has worked in the past

[01.57]- Other component tries every campaign that you otherwise have to run manually to check what is going to work for you the best

[02.10]- It then optimize all the campaigns that work based on pipeline impact

[02.36]- It helps in honing out the targeting- precisely what people should you be targeting

[02.49]- It also allows you to try every combination of marketing, so you don’t have to do it all manually

[03.09]- They do a lot of A/B testing in ads as well and then put ads that work best on the audience’s behalf

[03.45]- Metadata works from small to all the way large enterprises.

[04.04]- They help startups in the seed funding stage to gain prospects, and even people visiting your website

[04.42]- They set the active campaigns at scale and eliminate those that don’t provide results and optimize that continuously

[05.44]- They get signals of their prospects from g2crowd who visited their category or their competitor’s page

[05.44]- Metadata ingests that information and find those particular persons within those specific companies and later starts advertising to them

[06.32]- They have connected salesforce to the marketing automation

[06.43]- Every time a lead comes, metadata audits that lead

[07.38]- They launched their company in the first quarter of 2017. They now have around 50 customers from around the world

[08.27]- Silicon Valley is like the Disney land to startups, because there is an excellent infrastructure there, great conferences, as well as investment opportunities

[09.49]– You have to manage your interviews differently if you want to operate in two places

[09.52]- There are less than 20 people in the team

[10.27]- Their team is mostly motivated by their customers and success

[11.06]- Every small success in a team is something you can latch on

[11.36]- In a small team, the energy of every single person is detrimental to the total power of the team

[12.02]- They try to have an open culture in their company,

[12.45]- Around four months ago, they made their pricing public, and the pricing is based on the usage

[13.43]-The concept that they have introduced in the market is new- a computer running the market

[14.00]- Finding people who are willing to be the adopters of their new marketing technology, was quite hard in the beginning

[14.13]- They now have case studies of their customers that shows that their customers achieved great results working with them

[14.27]- They have proof that marketing can be done in an automated fashion

[15.44]- If you are a b2b company than you should use custom audiences to run ads

[16.10]- Video ads are the most engaging videos you can make

  • Static ads are good to start with
  • Have retargeting pixel on your website

[16.45]- Metadata tells what ads and what platforms one should be running ads at

[17.00]- Linkedin has been working great for Gerard so far

[17.48]- The biggest mistake Gil has committed in his initial days is jumping directly to the product stage, they developed their product without much of customer feedback

[19.00]- Gil uses Boomerang, google snooze and google events frequently to always be on time

[19.30]– Gerard has been using Boomerang for a long time now

[20.05]- Gil recommends “Thinking fast and slow” by Daniel Kahneman

Key Takeaways

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