Some Business Secrets From The CEO of Agorapulse | Emeric Ernoult

Emeric Ernoult is the founder and CEO of Agorapulse.

AgoraPulse is a Facebook Marketing and CRM suite that helps Facebook Page owners and marketers to manage their page, gain more fans, Facebook traffic, and qualified opt-in leads.

It also helps the community manager to moderate the wall and measure results with cutting edge tracking and reporting features. It is the Swiss army knife of Facebook community managers and marketers.

I did facebook live with him on Wednesday, 27 March, at 10:00 am Barcelona (CEST) / 04.00 am Washington ( GMT -5). 

Time-Stamped Keynotes

[00.25]- Agorapulse is a social media management software

[01.25]- They were one of the first tools to give clarity on the social media chaos

[02.25]-Emeric was a business lawyer by trade, and in 2012 he started Agorapulse, and in 2015, it started making profits

[03.20]- They are around 60 employees as of now, which they aim to predict will be 80 by the end of this year.

Their annual recurring revenue is around 9 million euros.

[04.20]- Emeric’s wife is very supportive and respectful of what he does

[05.40]- Entrepreneurs are passionate beings, and you have to stick to what you do when you are an entrepreneur

[06.14]- You have to find the balance constantly and consistently in things in your life

[07.40]- Entrepreneurs hide their feelings and are mostly lonely beings

[08.48]- In your life, doing all things at once is impossible

[09.15]- Social media managers are Agorapulse’s ideal customers

[10.55]- One of the secrets to growth is an obsession with your product/company

[11.28]- You have to keep making your product better every day because no shitty product can survive in 2019

People expect solutions to their problems,

[12.01]- BE obsessed with your customer support, user experience

Everyone is the team who would face customers should try to show how much they care about them.

[12.40]- Emeric has invested a lot in the customer experience management

[13.00]- Average response time of Agorapulse is 20 minutes, and their customers can expect support 24*7

[13.38]– Agorapulse has been ranked number one in terms of customer support

[13.52]- Getting best customer support is a significant investment

[14.12]- You can not grow a business by using playbooks of people who have raised 100s millions of dollars. You should do things differently.

[15.12]- Think long term. If you are going to think about only three months, you are not going to make it to 3 years from now.

[15.48]- If you do not think long term, you will be there where you started

[16.55]- Emeric recommends reading “Extreme Ownership” by Willink Jocko

[17.15]– At the end of the day you are responsible for all that is happening to your company

[18.06]- Emeric recommends “Radical Candor” by Kim Scott. It shows how to deal with the team regarding feedback.

[19.22]– If the top management in the company is willing to take criticism, then everyone in the team would be ready to accept criticism

[20.30]- Find one thing you enjoy doing, and you forget everything else doing it. A short period of escape from work is essential.

[21.30]- Every day Emeric takes notes of what his daily tasks and it helps him make sure that everything is done on time

Key Takeaways

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