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A Chat With The Creator Of SaaStock – Alexander Theuma

We had an amazing interview with Alex Theuma, Founder and CEO at SaaStock. He is very passionate about his work and he shares it with so much enthusiasm! ? Check this interview if you want to know more

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After 11 years of sales experience in IT, Telecoms & Cloud, Alex started a blog on SaaS: SaaScribe – and built a strong network across the SaaS Founder and Investor community. The blog led to the creation of the first podcast on B2B SaaS, The SaaS Revolution show, which led to the first SaaS meetups in London, Dublin, and Berlin. That was the logical progression to something much bigger: to SaaStock, the biggest B2B SaaS Conference in Europe.

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Time Stamped Keynotes

[00.15]- Gerard introduces Alex Theuma

[00.26]- SaaStock and Alex are connecting SaaS people around the world 

[00.48]- SaaStock has expanded across the world rapidly and has become a reference event for SaaS

[01.06]- It is their fourth year of SaaStock. It will happen in Dublin from 14th  October to 16th October

[01.21]- There are more SaaS conferences around the world which is a sign that the ecosystem is growing

[02.04]- SaaStock has also reached Hongkong Asia

[02.13]- SaaStock also happened in Newyork this year in june and ne event is in September this year in San Francisco(SaaStock west coast)

[03.23]- Last year SaaStock had great speakers like Patrick Campbell, Aaron Ross and Nathan Latka

SaaStock in Latin America

[03.42]- Alex talks about SaaStock Latam and how Eric Santos help him with it

[04.23]- Eric Santos connected Alex to the Brazilian ecosystem

[04.48]- They have their own SaaS conference in Brazil

[05.02]- Alex went to the Rd summit and build connections there

[05.16]- Without Eric, the Brazil event would not have happened 

[05.41]- In the Brazil event they had over 500 founders and execs

[06.17]- There are examples of many startups that failed when they tried to expand fastly

[07’41]- Peter Loving is responsible for the SaaStock Barcelona. 

[07.51]- They launched SaaStock local this year

[08.12]- They take help from the local SaaS geeks, founders and evangelists to organize 

[09.22]- SaaS Society event will happen on 17th October 

[09.38]- There are 5-6 conferences happening in one

[09.51]- SaaStock is for SaaS companies, C level executives, VPs and their teams

[10.14]- They are expecting 4000+ attendees this year from 48 countries

[10.38]- If you are running a SaaS startup, SaaStock is a great event to connect with likeminded people

[10.52]- People like David Darmanin from Hotjar will be there

[11.11]- SaaStock gives you the opportunity to chat face to face with people like David Darmanin

[11.42]- You can’t measure the value SaaStock provides

[12.05]- SaaStock is the event of perfect size, very relevant and perfectly focused

[12.39]- Websummit is a great event but it is not as relevant as SaaStock

[13.17]- SaaSrock is all about connecting right people 

[13.32]- This year they will have 150 speakers and a ton of content 

[14.10]- Most of the content at SaaStock is geared towards the majority of SaaS startups

What is SaaS City?

[14.32]- On Monday, they run SaaS City

[14.42]- Alex does not pay anything to Gerard for the promotion, it is just out of love

[15.19]- SaaS City is like a one day accelerator for your SaaS

[15.36]- They are running 15 boot camps and workshops across Dublin 

[15.48]- You get to deep dive in discussions with mentors and experts 

[15.59]- John Thompson is also coming this year. He is a SaaS coach

[16.18]- Adam Hale from Sagepeople will also be there as a mentor

[16.56]- Experts from around the world are flying to SaaStock this year. There will be half an hour sessions by these experts

[17.07]- 20 minutes of practical and actionable keynotes will give a lot of value

[17.17]- In the workshops, you get an hour and a half with these people

[17.25]- Aaron Ross will run a whole boot camp and that is worth the ticket price alone

SaaStock Is Fun!

[18.01]- SaaStock is just not limited to workshops and boot camps

[18.28]- After workshops, you get to go to the pubs in small groups of founders and execs

[18.42]- This event is like an icebreaker. You can forge relationships with fellow founders in such events

[19.21]- SaaStock is about growing and scaling SaaS startups

[19.39]- If you are looking for Funding SaaStock has got more than 400 investors from around the world

[20.03]- A large no of companies have raised money in SaaStock 

[20.48]- Having a cup of coffee with Nathan is worth all the time

[21.10]- Gerard shows Alex the Monalisa cap painting

What is SaaS Society?

[21.55]- SaaS Society is a founder’s retreat

[22.08]- In the first year they did SaaS society with 70 founders

[22.17]- After the conference was finished, they took the founders to a whiskey distillery

[22.37]- Last year Nathan Latka and Eric Siu attended this event

[22.50]- Alex talks about the criteria for SaaS Society

 [23.21]- There are events like Fishing, off-road driving, golf, and whiskey tasting to help founders relax and refresh

[23.51]-This is also a great relation-building opportunity

[23.16]- On Thursday afternoon there is a big gala dinner and on Friday everyone travels home 

[24.34]- Eric Siu believes that Alex could charge 25 k alone for this event

What is there for Early Stage SaaS Startups?

[25.50]- Alex talks about startup program and pitch competition

[26.07]- It is an event for companies with less than a million dollars in revenue

[26.19]- Dan Martell will be coming for taking a masterclass this year

[26.35]- Masters of SaaS will be coming to take classes for small SaaS startups 

[26.52]- There is also going to be a startup exhibition event

[27.09]- Alex talks about the global pitch competition

[27.21]- Last year a Spanish lady based in London won this competition.

[27.47]- Prize money of $25,000 is also pretty useful 

[28.51]- They also have a scholarship for early-stage startups where SaaStock pays for their visit

[29.53]- They have partnered with the likes of Google Cloud, Amazon web services, profitwell and Stripe

[30.28]- You might win a scholarship and still go back home with 100k worth of software

[31.05]- You can use code findthatlead25 and avail 25% discount at checkout

Key Takeaways

  • findthatlead25
  • SaaStock Startup program

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