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Vandita Kedia Purohit is the Co-Founder at Mint Tree and their new start-up The DAFTAR (DAFTAR COWORKING PVT. LTD.), She loves meeting new people, traveling, exploring and brainstorming ideas.

She has a very strong desire to change the way in which Companies across India look at SMO (Sales & Marketing Outstheircing) Companies and want to help organizations reach to greater heights with a better understanding of Client Relations & Retention. Along with a strong skill set,

Alongside her friend-co-founder, She has entered the Indian Start-Up Space with their very new Venture The DAFTAR which is a Co-Working Space in Pune. their vision is to create a collaborative environment for 1 Million like-minded Co-Workers across 100 locations Globally.

Time-Stamped Keynotes

[00.38]- Vandita is an engineer by educational qualification but started her career in sales

[01.02]- She started her career working for outsourcing companies in India and help them set up their sales process

[01.18]- While she was in the states for a short tenure, she was inspired by the way coworking spaces operate there.

She took the inspiration from there and built “The Daftar” in India.

[02.41]- Vandita is a spontaneous person, and she gets into the action phase and then does the plan

[03.14]– She feels that probably one should step into the action phase and then figure out the direction they want to steer their ship to

[04,14]- Vandita shares how she and her partner got started in this business

[05.05]- As of now the total number of seats they have is 600

[06.08]- India is a very price sensitive market. There are a lot of entrepreneurs and freelancers there, and their numbers are growing even faster.

[07.12]- People from nearby cities are the main customers of “The Daftar” but not much from the outside country

[08.06]- At Daftar, they want to ensure that they leverage all their contacts to the fullest to help people out

[09.36]- For Vandita, growth hacking is about taking action and keep reinventing now and back again

[10.51]- Gerard believes that one of the best growth hacks is having an excellent product/service

[11.27]- Newspaper ads and events worked well for them

[11.57]- Vandita believes that one should run after sales after giving people the experience you want them to have with your product

[12.28]- Gerard talks about his ABL(always be leaving) approach

[14.39]- Right now the team size of the company is 15 people, and five people are into sales alone

[14.48]- They are currently using many platforms for events(Eventbrite, sevenevents, etc.)

[15.03]- Gerard does an event every month and finds it challenging

[16.51]– Vandita believes that for events, one should have the objective decided in advanced

[18.21]- Vandita talks about the way she tackles with problems when someone famous does not attend the event

[19.31]-Coworking spaces in India start with $100 a month with all the office necessities

[20.51]- Vandita wants to expand coworking space business to Barcelona

[21.38]- It is essential to have the right kind of people in the coworking spaces from the beginning to build a great community

[22.16]- India is a populated country and people with real state business want to jump into the coworking space business as soon as possible

[23.10]- Startup culture in India had grown mature than when Vandita started off

In their coworking spaces, people have come together and found new companies, companies have found their best employees.

[24.22]- Vandita sees a lot of potential in the coworking culture in the Indian startup ecosystem

[25.24]- Vandita recommends reading “The Secret-The  Power.”

[25.52]- One life hack that Vandita suggests is “keep yourself happy” because only when you are happy you will be able to keep others happy

Key Takeaways

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