How to drive thousands in cold outreach revenue | (Case study)

The mission of is to connect coworkers, bring joy to employees, and ultimately transform workplaces around the world ❤️


findthatlead-case-study’s Tea vs. Coffee Virtual Event

There are tons of grim stats out there about employee engagement, and low engagement can have a huge impact on a company’s bottom line. This company knows that fun, engaging workplaces often lead to more loyal, productive, and happier employees ?

They also know that team building is a really great way to get there. In the words of’s CEO, Michael Alexis, “Happy workplaces don’t usually happen by accident.”

Quick Backstory 

When launched their sister company, Museum Hack, in 2013, the majority of the company’s revenue was generated via inbound leads. That trend continued, and remains true today for’s corporate events and virtual team building activities as well.


Thinking Beyond Inbound Strategies 

With inbound sales steadily coming in, Michael looked to develop a strategy to proactively reach out to prospective clients but faced challenges.

“Over the years, we dabbled in exploring outbound sales and lead generation, but never with much luck or results. We struggled to accurately source prospective client information and had a tough time finding a platform that would allow us to connect with potential clients who would be the best fit for our business.”

Last year, they discovered FindThatLead and thought it looked like a promising solution for their business.

“We committed to a one-year experiment using FindThatLead to increase outbound sales and, honestly, we were blown away by the power of the Prospector tool”.

Michael Alexis’s CEO, Michael Alexis


Enter FindThatLead’s Prospector Tool

The flexibility of the Prospector tool and ability to set parameters for searches has transformed the way their marketing team is able to find potential clients to engage with via cold outreach.

“We’re able to log in and quickly search for companies within our ideal client profile. FindThatLead pulls contact info for the decision makers at these companies, and we use that information to reach out and pitch our unique team building events like tiny campfire.”


findthatlead-case-study’s Tiny Campfire Virtual Event


The Revenue Results

FindThatLead has helped make thousands of introductions to clients and potential customers around the world.

Their cold outreach efforts powered by FindThatLead resulted in large deals, including some worth upwards of $17,000 ?

They attribute much of that success to being able to filter the search results directly via the prospector tool:

“We’re not wasting time contacting businesses that aren’t the right fit. Our investment in FindThatLead and the Prospector tool has more than paid for itself, and we continue to use the platform strategically to drive new business and lead generation to help us transform more workplaces across the globe.”



A company of 50, 100% remote employees, operates in 16+ US cities and an infinite number of Zoom rooms. Their clients include Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, KPMG, Johnson & Johnson & Chipotle.

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