How to find any email address within just a minute

We‘ve been looking for the best ways to find email addresses and came out with this complete guide of 10 ways to find the email you need.

No more wasting time with endless google searches, or risking your email account’s health by doing the “guess and check” trick.

Here we show you 11 useful methods to find anyone’s email addresses in a really fast and legal way, even if you want a particular email to get a job, to reencounter with an old friend, or if you are looking to generate more leads and use email outreach as a growth hacking technique, this post is what you are looking for.

Search emails using email finder tools

1. FindThatLead – Easiest way to find anyone’s email

One of the best Email Automation Tools

 FindThatLead is an email finder tool that can provide you with all the emails you need in just a couple of clicks.

You can use this tool to search for personal and professional email addresses, one by one or in bulk mode, in a free and effective way, or with a great subscription offer for marketers and entrepreneurs.


How to find any email with FindThatLead? 

  • Go to their website and create a free account.
  • Go to the Lead Search tool on FondThatLead’s dashboard and complete the blank spaces with the name and/or domain of the person you are looking for. 
  • With the free plan, you can search for 50 emails pr month, you can also take advantage of the other functionalities that this tool offers: Verify emails, prospect emails using keywords, find the email of any local business, among others you can find explained with more details in here.

 lead search findthatlead

2. Voila Norbert – Find any email with just a name or company domain

VoilaNorbert prospecting emails tools dashboard

If you know the name and company domain of the person you are looking for, this tool can easily help you find the email address

You don’t need to install any plugin or extension, just type the domain and name information and it will send you back the email, you can also verify it.

What do you need to do?

  • Create a free account
  • It will allow you to find 50 emails per month, more than enough to start reaching out.


3. W3Rocks – Find more than emails

The W3Rocks tool is a complete marketing tool that will allow you to find anyone’s email address among other functionalities to help you with your marketing strategies.

 If you’re looking for more than just an email, this is the best tool you can find.

How to search for someone’s email using W3Rocks?

You will also have to create the free account

 The account will only let you find emails on the first 14 days of the creation of it.

Click on the email finder tool that you can find on the dashboard and follow the intuitive steps to find any email. 

4. – A professional email finder tool

Find emails with this prospector tool

There are some alternatives to, but many marketers are still engaged with the tool.

And the reason why it is so popular is because its does what it promise: It searches for the email address of all people related to one company or domain and it gives you the option to verify if those domains are real 


5. Lusha — The fresh new email finder tool

Lusha is an email finder tool with a freemium version that allows you to use 5 credits to find any email addresses or phone number. 

This tool could be very useful if you only need a couple of contacts or if you are willing to pay for a better subscription plan. 

6. – Find all email addresses and technologies from a domain

Lead and email finder dashboard

Besides other functions, this tool helps you find a professional or personal email by searching the domain company of that person.

It allows you to use 50 credits per month, so you can start finding emails and also the technologies from a domain

7. Anyleeds – A domain prospecting tool to find tons of email addresses

Anyleads is a complete marketing tool that helps you discover new emails, they also have a chatbot and a content writing tool, an all in 1 solution if you are looking to automate most of your marketing process.

But going back to the topic that interests us, how to find emails from people or companies with Anyleads? You will have unlimited access to the email search engine by using the free 7-day trial or by paying the pro version which costs $99 per month.

Get the e-mail of any person who has a social profile

8. – Find the email of your next client

scrabin dashboard

If you’re looking to find the email of your next boss or business partners, as long as the email of every potential client, you have to rely on LinkedIn.
But maybe you have tried it before with no result, since we are teaching you the best alternative methods to find anyone’s email who has a trace online, it’s our duty to let you know the best way to find a professional or B2B email.

The method is simple:

  • All you have to do is download de Chrome extension and create a free account.
  • Place your browser on the URL profile of the person you are interested in, and click on the Scrabin tool icon.

9. Social Search – Find any email with just a Twitter or Instagram URL

Sometimes you just want a couple of emails of influencers, profiles you wish to collaborate with, or just a person you need to reach out for a personal reason.

The best way to do it is by using a social search tool like FindThatLead’s one., you will save much time and will not have to create a profile on that social network.

Find the email of any social media profile

The step by step it’s simple:

  • Go to this site and create your free account.
  • Once you have it, just go to the social Search tool and paste the URL of the LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social profile you wish to have the email of.
  • You can also find tons of social emails in bulk mode by using the CSV modality,  you only have to upload an excel or CSV document with all the social URL you need the search for.

Free tools and Chrome extensions to find the email you need

10. Mailshunt – The email finder Chrome extension

This Chrome and Firefox extension allows you to get the email addresses behind any website. It uses very unique and powerful algorithms to extract the email addresses of any website your’e visiting.

11. FindThatLead extension – The most accurate email finder extension

FindThatLead Chrome extension

This wonderful Google Chrome extension will be your ally in your day to day life as a salesman or marketer, you only have to place yourself in the URL you are interested in knowing the email from, click on the FindThatLead icon and the email addresses associated with that website will be automatically loaded.

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