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Dear Growth Marketers,

Last week we hosted an amazing event in our offices. We discussed about how to get different cards and make some fresh money from Fintech companies through referral codes.

We had so much fun sharing our small tricks that we finally decided to share it in our Blog.

First of all, from the ones asking for the presentation, here you can find it

In there, you can briefly understand how we are making money through referral codes and the system to replicate it and escalate it till the point of making passive income.

Now you got your presentation, we’re going to get through it and focus on the special parts.


Story Time

I’m a 21 year-old Start-Up guy, and if I’m honest, I love learning multiple ways to make money. Don’t ask me why, maybe my background, perhaps my social circle. I just love it.

After investigating about how Fintechs are changing the banking sector, I saw that all these Fintechs have the same Growth Strategies: Referral Codes and Free Cards. That’s what millenials love.

Therefore, I felt enlightened! If all the Fintech are using the same strategy, I can take profit from that!

And that’s how I started:

  1. I got 10 Free Cards through Referral Codes
  2. I got some money (between 5€ to 25€ per Card)
  3. I created my own Referral Code

So just by applying for 10 Cards I got some fresh money plus the advantages of each Card (No commission Fees, Low transfer costs, Free Withdrawals, etc)

And now I’m ready to share my own Referral Codes!


The System

Behind the beauty of this system, there is a pity. Referral Promotions require making a first expense with your Card in order to give you the money. Therefore, in order to get the money from the promotion you have to spend some of it, and you’re ending up with fewer money compared with getting the whole referral money.

However, in order to avoid that, I came up with a small trick:

  1. I got a Verse Card
  2. When you add money to this card, the transfer is considered as an Expense instead of a Transfer, then your first expense is a transfer to your main Card! Voilà!
  3. Now when you ask for a new Card, you transfer your money to Verse, and you get all the money from the promotion!

If you’re not reading this from Spain, you may not have Verse Card, but there is probably a similar card that performs the same functionality. If you find a new one, I’d be super happy to know it on the comments 🙂


Some Referral Codes

If you want to get started, here you can see some codes you can take profit from:

N26 15€: gerardu8014
Monese 10€: GERAR214
Change 10€ in BitCoin:
Curve 5€: Download Curve and Redeem: NQAXBZOD
Free Transfer:


How to escalate this

If you are still hungry for more, here I share a strategy you can use to make some passive income:

  1. Create an Instagram account talking about Fintech Referrals
  2. Use a bot to autofollow target users
  3. Share with them your codes
  4. Enjoy your passive income 😉


If you put some love in this, you can make some money, or maybe a lot, who knows… Depends on you! 🙂




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