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Growth Conference Europe: The Largest Event In Europe About Growth Hacking | Andrea Roberto Bifulco

Growth Conference Europe: The Largest Event In Europe About Growth Hacking | Andrea Roberto Bifulco

Andrea Roberto Bifulco Growth Hacking Day & Growth Marketing Conference

It’s going to be the Day dedicated to Growth. I talked to Andrea Roberto Bifulco about the event extensively in the facebook live.

Growth Hacking Day & Growth Marketing Conf are joining their efforts to create the Growth Conference Europe in Milan on the 3rd and 4th of June.

Growth Marketing Conference is the leading conference in the world of Growth Hacking, with over 1000 participants in San Francisco in December.

Keynote speech, panels & case studies will give you the best and the newest tools of Growth Hacking in two days of content & networking.

Check the link in the comments to make sure that you attend the best growth event of the year.


Time Stamped Keynotes

[00.10]- Andrea Roberto Bifluco is in charge of startupgrind Italy and is one of the organizers of growth hacking

[00.49]– HE brought startupgrind in Italy in 2014

[01.08]- Startupgrind in Spain is amazing

[01.25]- Growth conference is the largest event of growth hacking in Europe, and there are two types of speakers there

– Growth hackers-who help companies around the world grow
– Vp of growth from startups and companies

[01.55]– They are going to bring people from the fastest going startups and companies around the world

[02.39]- They are going to have people from viral loops and

[02.51]– The first day of the event will have workshops and the second day it would be all motivational stuff/keynotes

[03.37]- They have around 25 speakers and 300+ attendees, and the number is growing even faster

[04.52]- Company culture and mindset are very connected

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[05.31]- In this ecosystem when MVP is not enough to be successful, it is more important to be customer-centric

[06.37]- Growth hacking is a lousy word-In the US they call it growth marketing

[07.03]- Coca-cola recently hired a Chief Growth Officer, so it is safe to say that growth hacking is no confined to startups

[07.45]- Marketing is not as it used to be because both market and companies are evolving fast

[08.40]- Everybody in this group is about growth hacking, and growth marketing so should go to an event like these because you will get to meet people who are far better than you

[10.10]- The first day is going to be about “how to build,” “How to become” and other insightful teachings and the second day would be keynotes

[09.14]-Meeting people who inspire you in such events is what makes attending these events worthwhile

[11.08]- Gerard has a fantastic discount code, and he will be sharing it soon

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