Grow Your LinkedIn Community in 5 Steps

If you are on LinkedIn, I am sure you want to discover how you can reach out to the people you want whenever you want. Thanks to you can do whatever you want while the tool works for you. Linkedin is a big contacts source so is the perfect way to get in touch with different people that can be interested in you and your business.


Let me show you how you can create and share content from you LinkedIn profile ⬇️


1. Create an interesting post


You have to create an interesting post that calls people’s attention. The message has to be clear, short and concise. People have to understand what you want to share and what do you do. Once you have your message, you need to contact with the people you want to reach, so how can you do that? It’s pretty easy, just keep reading.


2. Connect to your Linkedin


Your Linkedin profile is the perfect source to contact with the people you want. You just need to download our Google Chrome extension and let our tool work for you. Once you have on your computer you just have to connect your Linkedin, search the keyword you want and click on “start visiting”. This way will start following all the contacts related to the keywords you introduced before.


3. Do a distribution list


Another way to connect with different people is do a Whatsapp list. At the moment the maximum of people you can add on a Whatsapp list is 256, so if you have more contacts than this amount, you will have to do different lists in order to reach everyone. 


4. Do as many lists as devices you have


Do you have more than one mobile phone? Then share more than just one list from your personal mobile. In this way you will arrive to more people in a different way so you will have more chances to report your project. 

5. Send the link with a personalised message


This point is one of the most important because is your opportunity to shine among your competitors. If you are writing directly to someone, that person will feel special because he/she will know that you are really interested in him/her. 


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