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Chris Dreyer is the CEO of, an SEO agency exclusively for lawyers.

At, they only do SEO. They are fiercely focused on a single objective: to grow law firms without sacrificing transparency or integrity.

He and his company have been featured in Forbes, Inc 5000 and many other major publications. I interviewed him last week, and I learned a lot from him.

Time-Stamped Keynotes

[01.06]- While he was pursuing his graduation, he spent a lot of his time in the detention room where he started googling “how to make money online”

[01.43]– Within two years, his affiliate income began to surpass his teaching income and he started selling more products than the companies he was doing affiliate marketing for

[02.03]- Many agencies started consulting him

[02.42]- Currently he consults only in the U.S, and only for law firms

[03,43]- They have a framework that works really effectively for law firms

[04.29]- They have focused only on their personal branding, content marketing and also the strategic relationship

[04.40]– When you do hyper-niched, there is a lot that you can do that others do not do

[05.30]- Attorneys reach out to them and they do inbound a lot. It is quite tough to get in touch with attorneys directly

[06.52]- Many of his competitors do not offer what they offer- geographical exclusivity

[07.12]- If a hyper-niched business like them, they often end up competing with themselves at the end of day

[07.28]- Competitive analysis is factored into the budget, website architecture and content, etc.

[07.56]– When you are into a hyper-saturated market, competition is tough, link building and  other factors make it a bit expensive

[08.22]- Most of the result oriented agencies offer exclusivity

[08.40]- They work with companies that have realistic expectations

[08.57]- In the US, different law firms specialize in different practices.for example- injuries, car accidents etc

[09.30]- They can niche down in their niches

[10.10]- They do a preliminary analysis of their customer to see if their expectations can meet their goals in reality

[10.35]- They then do a strategic analysis to build out a whole strategic plan- they diagnose everything, based on needs- competitor benchmarks, content comparison competitor links etc.

[11.38]- Since they are hyper-niched, they do not get a huge number of leads, but even from that small number, a limited number of leads are taken out

[12.12]- Their clients know their competitors better than his agency, so they are a big part in making strategies

[12.57]– FindThatLead also runs an agency

[12.30]- FindThatLead as an agency has a minimum monthly retainer of USD 5,000 a month

[13.58]- IN the beginning, they did a lot of free stuff and then a lot of stuff in less than $5000

[14.36]- They use tools like SEMRUSH to analyze the competitors

[15.04]- They try to radicalize the budget-results ratio expectations by showing the results from a competitive analysis

[16.00]- Chris loves going to the toughest markets and create an impact there.

[16.48]- Expand the links of your content dramatically

[17,00]- A study conducted last year showed that the content ranking on the first page is more than 2000 words in length

[17.42]- Make your content more accessible

[17.59]– If your website has a flat architecture, Google has a difficult time determining relevancy. It is important to internally link keywords properly

[18.36]- Internal linking makes the visitor stay for longer time.

[18.49]- Be heavily focused on link acquisition and link building

[19.05]- Google has made changed to their algorithm and introduced spam filters but links are a deciding factor in the ranking of a website

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[19.47]- SEO for FindThatLead has not been so good

[20.16]- For link building, there is a lot of good tools in the market like SEMRUSH, Ubersuggest; these tools can be used for competitor backlinking analysis

[21.00]- Most of the people get into data entry, like the directory, but this does not provide much value

[21.28]- Being a contributor to a big publication has a lot of advantages

[22,31]- One of their posts- SEO for law firms ranks in the first three results. These pillar piece of content can have a dramatic impact on the link acquisition

[23.00]- Gerard describes how outbound marketing can help build backlinks

[23.25]- Outbound plays a large part in building links. It conveys the right message to the right people

[23.37]- Outbound is a great way to build relationships

[23.37]- One life hack by Chris Dreyer-have a great morning routine

[24,53]– Business Hack- Read and consume as much as information that you can; listen to podcasts, by experts in your field

[25.23]- Chris has been listening to Grant Cardone’s audiobooks lately, also, he is an avid reader

[26.17]- Set some time aside for personal relations and always keep warmth in them

Key Takeaways

  • Chris’s Website
  • Grant Cardone’s books

Some tips for link building

– First, invest in (I’m not affiliated) for competitive information and to assist in your keyword research strategies. With Ahrefs you can use their keyword explorer tool to identify keywords with search volume. You can also use Ahrefs to see which pages of your competitors are generating the most traffic. It will give you tremendous insight in regards to what type of content to produce.

– Second, when generating content focus on long-form (more than 2000 words)  because when you write long-form content it gives you the opportunity to rank for similar keywords, synonyms, related phrases, etc. It also typically ranks better. Here are a few studies which support this recommendation

– Third, for link building begin by getting niche specific directory listings. Again, ahrefs can help you identify these opportunities. Next, create pillar/epic pieces of content in your niche. After the content is created, outreach to interest groups that would like to read the content and other related niches. It’s important to promote that content to as many influencers and consumers are possible. So in addition to email outreach, also post to social media, facebook groups, email lists, communities, etc. Creating pillar content takes a lot of time, so after you create it, just make sure you get as many eyeballs on it as possible.

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