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Updates March 2021

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Hello Finder!

We bring you some exciting news… The long-awaited features you have been asking for are finally here! Congratulations to our amazing Tech team because they nailed it, as they always do 😉

Team updates

Drip Campaigns  — NEW feature!

YES! It is finally here. Now, we have Drip Campaigns in FindThatLead. You can add new steps to your campaigns as a reply to the previous email or send a new email to reach even more contacts and get the best response rate.

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Send Email Campaigns from Prospector

Now you will be able to create a campaign from a Prospector list.
Once you generate a prospector list click on “Create campaign”. The leads will be processed on the server and pushed automatically to your campaign!

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Timezone Autodetection

Once you create a new campaign, the system will set the timezone you are currently in (using your public IP).
You will always be able to change it if you want to send the campaign to another timezone.

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Giphy Integration on Send Emails

Now you will be able to make your emails more personal and engaging using GIFs. Fun!

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New Campaign Status

Your campaigns can be set as “Draft”, “Active” or “Paused”.
This way it’s easier to differentiate the campaigns that have been paused (manually or because of an error) from the drafted ones waiting to be send.

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Send Campaigns to Draft

If you send leads from any FindThatLead tool using the “Send emails” button, the campaign will be automatically created and sent to draft. You will be able to activate it once you set the templates and connect an account.

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Minor System Bug Fixes

  • On Prospector, you can now retrieve your lists easily.
  • Send Emails has been updated with auto-pause status if any inconvenience arises.
  • General minor bug fixes.

New TINY Plan Pricing: Better than ever

Get your Tiny subscription plan for as low as $7.5 USD per monthbilled annually. We have adjusted the price in order to make the tiny plan even more attractive. Unlock all features and get 500 credits every month.

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