An Interview With The Marketing Mastermind Of Ahrefs | Tim Soulo

Tim Soulo has nine years of experience in SEO. During this time, he had a chance to run online marketing for many small- and medium-sized companies, as well as bootstrap quite a few of his own side projects. When he joined Ahrefs three years ago, he was the only marketing person in the team. As of today, He is managing a highly effective marketing team of 10.

I did facebook live with him on Wednesday last week. Here is the transcription-

Time Stamped Keynotes-

[01.08]- He started with a junior role in SEO in Ukraine

[01.32]- In the start, he used his knowledge in the SEO for his projects and as an in-house marketer in different companies

[01.51]- He has seen many sides of the online business-SaaS, physical products, and whatnot

[02.07]- Tim knows enough about many fields he is supposed to know about

[02.59]- They “do not cut corners” when it comes to their products

[03.40]– The best marketing tip thinks is to make the product itself kickass

[04.08]- They realized that AHREFS is already better than much other software out there

[04.38]– If you have a feature to your product that has no competition then you must focus on building it up

[05.20]- Unique Selling Proposition appears by itself. You have to know the market demands.

You should talk to your customers to know what market demand is.

[05.40]- You have to be as close as possible to your customers, and you have to be the best user of your product

[06.11]- You should also be talking to people who are not using your product but are your potential customers to know why they are not your potential customers

[07.12]- Talking to people who are not your customers but can be, will help you know what is it required to add to your product to become the right customer

[07.25]- When your team grows, it becomes quite challenging to keep the “talking to potential customers and customers” process

[08.28]- Tim recently read the book “Five Dysfunctions of a team.”

[09.06]- Personal issues of customers also affect their productivity

[09.26]- Tim also uses Soapbox for better team management

[10.10]- In AHREFs, product team and marketing teams are entangled,. Marketing team talks to the customers to know what is the new feature requirement. Marketing team then contacts the product team to convey the changes needed

[12.08]- Backlinks are essential to make sure that you rank on google

[12.56]- The best way to get backlinks for your website is to start having something link-worthy on your site and letting people know about it

[13,25] Building links or acquiring links comes to having something on your website

[13.35]- People link to Ahrefs because they have a valuable product

[14.40]- knowing your competitors’ numbers is essential to check how successful is the funnel set up

[15.02]- Ahrefs is a product first company, so they focus more on building new features in the product

[16.05]- Tim does not believe that funnels are straightforward

[16.29]- Buyer Journeys are not linear at all. There are many touch points involved.

[17.12]- If a user sees your product mentioned in many other forums like facebook groups, or blog articles they would think to give it a go

[17.26]- There are many other interactions which cannot be tracked on any analytics tool

[19.59]- Ahrefs does not have a free trial option because their tool provides so much value

[20.40]- Tim believes that there is no specific “aha moment”; It happens during the user journey

[21.00]- Aha moment is the reason that a customer’s signups to your product

[21.17]- Ahrefs is a professional tool so not everyone out of the blue can signup for the tool

[21.38]- After educating themselves about the Ahrefs can one signup to Ahrefs. They are supposed to have that use case on their mind

[22.00]- When a customer knows about what to do with your tool, they can justify the trial costs

[22,20]- For the first five years, Ahrefs had a freemium model

[22.50]- Once you have enough educated leads and educational material about your tool, you will no longer need a freemium model

[24.03]– You have to know what people are searching for about your business

[24.52]- Tim posted an excellent article on medium but not on the AHREFS website because it was not relevant to it. So it is essential to know what topics should you be writing about

[25.11]- If you want to get traffic from google, you have to do some keyword research

[25.30]- Get the necessary keywords and design your landing page content around those keywords and search queries

[26.07 ]- One of the most common mistakes that people make is that they do not mention the name of their tools on their articles

[26.47]- The number one page on HubSpot blog that brings the most traffic is “How to make a GIF image.”

[27.24]- Pick the topics for articles that could be relevant to your niche and then mention your product’s name as the solution to those problems

[28.00]- Every article that they publish on their website is more like a sales page for their product

[28.22]- You should be blogging for your product, service or company

[28. 14]- You should be reaching out to the bloggers and journalists in your niche and tell them what are you up to.

[30.16]- Creating your content in multiple formats is going to be important in upcoming days

[31.12]- At Ahrefs they repurpose some of their content like videos and publish them

[31.32]- He also does a lot of podcasts for the audience who prefer listening podcasts

[32.30]- If you want to get as much as reach possible, you should repurpose your content for all the platforms. Do it like GaryVee.

[33.20]- One of the lifehacks Tim suggests is reading consistently. Reading books make you a better person.

[33.54]- If you want to improve your work then you should read more books too. He also suggests using the Pomodoro technique

Key Takeaways From The Interview-

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