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Social Media Trends That Actually Happened in 2018

Social Media Trends That Actually Happened in 2018

Enough of the predicted “social media trends” for 2018! Many social media experts made some predictions based on assumptions.
Some trends happened, some did not. Here are the five trends that actually happened this year.

Video marketing is acing it all-

In 2015, around 64% of the social media marketers used video as a marketing tool, but in 2018, it is 81%.
More than 75% of the consumer traffic is video traffic.
Facebook launched new platforms like 360 video, life stage. Instagram launched IG Tv, Instagram stories to encourage video marketing and all.
Online businesses used animated videos to show updates and improvements in their products.

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Chatbots and the new CRMS

Chatbots have begun to act like the CRMs. The future is near when we will find a hybrid of both.
Chatbots allows communicating with customers in the real-time for better engagement.
Platforms like Telegram groups, WhatsApp messengers are growing fast. A new chatbot integration in these shouldn’t be surprising in time to come.
Available customer support is frustrating.
Chatbots are faster than human beings in taking the messages, and faster in responding.

Mobile marketing is dominating now

More than 70% of views are from mobile phones now.
Is your website mobile optimized?
Yes? You are good to go now.
If not, then you need to make it soon!
Google gives priority to accelerated mobile pages(AMP).
It better that you hone your hone your strategies for mobile marketing now

Leveraging algorithm changes(personalized content)-

Social media are making changes that allow only personalized content.
Heaps of content is creating a lot of noise in social media. People’s resistance and dislikeness towards ads are increasing.
So it is better to create personalized content and promote it.
Analytics can help you to know which audience to target.

Automation was leveraged more than ever

Automation is a huge relief to those who have to perform a lot of repetitive tasks.
Marketers extensively used automation for content publishing.
Marketers found 74% better messaging and content publishing, 69% better lead management and 40% increase in revenue.
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