Generate more leads this holiday season with Scrabin! (Deal Inside)

Lead management is a cumbersome activity. With different stages of the customer journey that you need to monitor, lead management takes a lot of research, data analysis, and constant engagement activities. When it sounds that overwhelming, imagine having to do it all manually! ? 

If you’re searching for a lead gen tool that automates and manages your leads for you, Scrabin is running a lifetime deal to allow you to set up a seamless lead generation and management system.

Scrabin is a lead generation tool that smartly maximizes your activity on social networks like LinkedIn. Use this automated tool to set up specific networking tasks like analysing profiles, messaging prospects, auto-endorsing them for their skills, and more. Scrabin effortlessly manages lead engagement, allowing you to focus on the data and make decisions with ease.

Scrabin runs as an extension on your browser, making it easy for you to access profiles of prospective leads for your company. With Scrabin, you can spend less time on research and more time on conversion. 

Sounds exciting? 

We are running a lifetime deal of $49 on this smart automated lead gen extension. Grab this limited time offer before it expires!


scrabin lifetime deal


If you’re still curious about how it works, let’s dive into the tool’s features and how you can use Scrabin to capture, manage, and successfully convert leads.

How does Scrabin make Lead Management easier? 

Lead generation and management are time-consuming but it doesn’t have to be. ?

If you install Scrabin, the extension quickly generates potential leads by scanning profiles on LinkedIn based on conditions set by you, auto-connecting with these prospective leads, and collating their data to get deeper information in a structured way. These leads can then be segmented for easier targeting.

Scrabin allows you to automate much of your engagement and messaging tasks. It sends messages automatically to 1st-degree connections. 

You can even personalise the emails you send to avoid generic messaging! 

What’s more, Scrabin automatically endorses connections for their skills to help you create deeper relationships with them. ?

Finally, users can download the data collated by Scrabin about their leads, import it as a CSV to the lead management software of your choice and get a holistic understanding of all your leads.

5 smart ways to use Scrabin for Lead Management 

With its extensive settings and automated functioning, Scrabin is a tool every marketing and sales team needs to invest in to shorten their lead generation and management cycle and focus more on their strategy. Isn’t that exactly what you’ve been wishing for? ?

These 5 use cases make Scrabin the most effective lead generation and management system.


  1. Automate lead generation based on conditions set by you

Set a condition within Scrabin so that the extension can easily connect you with LinkedIn profiles that match your requirements. This way, you spend less time searching for leads and more time pursuing them. 

You don’t want a competitor reaching out to a target account, while you’re still stuck hunting for them! 

scrabin dashboard

  1. Message and reach out to these leads without spending manual hours

This automated tool has a chatbot feature where it messages your leads for you, starting conversations with them and getting a headstart on converting them. 

Because timely conversations are the key to establishing relationships! ?‍?‍? 


  1. Collate data of all your prospective leads for easy access

Scrabin collects lead data on one dashboard, making data analysis easier. You can use this data to make more informed decisions about how to approach each lead. You can also download this data and view it on your preferred platforms.  

scrabin dashboard


  1. Segment your list of contacts for easier targeting

Your list of leads is diverse. These potential leads are from different industries, each with different needs and at different stages of growth. You can’t use the same messaging or tactics for each of them. 

By segmenting this long list of contacts, you have a better chance of creating highly-targeted strategies that are sure to convert them.


  1. Send automated personalised emails to maximize conversions

Scrabin lets you send personalised emails to these leads, sending them a message created specifically for them. With this personalised touch, your leads don’t feel like they received a generic message, making them want to interact with your business.

After all, lasting relationships are only built when you focus on giving a lot of love and attention to your consumers. ? 

Simply put, Scrabin is here to help you focus on the larger pieces of your marketing strategy! Simplify your lead generation strategy now, starting today.

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