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Jiaqi Pan is the CEO of landbot, and it is amongst the best startups in Spain, according to our group members. Recently, raised $2 million in funding

I had the opportunity to interview him on  Wednesday this week, and we talked about a lot of things. There is a lot you can learn from him about growing a business.

Time Stamped Keynotes

[02.03]- Jiaqi started three years ago, after shutting down his second company

[02.30]- They had a B2C service where they helped people with messenger bots

[03.20]– Inspired by Slack’s business model, they started selling their technology to other businesses

[04.11]- They offered a feature with WhatsApp because it did not have any business feature

[04.46]- Their product was not very stable because their integration with Whatsapp was not official

[05.16]- They realized that if they do not have official integrations, or keep following the same path, they won’t succeed

[06.10]- They started focusing on building chatbots because chatbots were in trend these days

[07.05]- They realized that only 6 out of 10 times the bots were correct

[07.35]– They designed a new approach called conversational interface

[08.00]- It gives 3-4 options to the user which then follows a decision tree model

[08.30]- The approach used in their bot is different from that of natural language bots, and it is much more engaging with the use of GIFs and other tools

[09.10]- They considered expanding internationally

[09.44]- They launched an MVP version of their product using a conversational interface model

[10.36]- At 12 AM in the morning product hunt changed their algorithm

[11.11]- It is critical to launching early in product hunt in the early hours

[11.42]- They contacted a chatbot influencer to hunt them down on the product hunt

[12.34]- They wanted to schedule their launch, but accidentally launched it, which was 11 pm US time.

[14.03]- They contacted product hunt team, and their launch resumed the next day, and they started with 60 upvotes

[14.27]- Since they launched with 60 upvotes, they were already on the first page of product hunt, and people upvote number one product first even if the product is shit!

[15.34]- They got 10,000 registration in the first week of their product campaign

[16.02]- They launched again with new versions of landbot on product hunt

[16.20]- Launching on product hunt takes a lot of work, before and after

[16.40]- FTL got direct revenue from their launch on product hunt

[17.05]- Landbot helps SMBs build chatbots to assist them in marketing and sales activities

[17.40]- One can create a conversational landing page using landbot and complement it with landing page

[18.00]- Conversational landing pages help get 50%-100% more qualified leads

[18.40]- Anyone can create bots, and to support pre-build structures have been provided to take inspiration from

[19.42]- IT has a drag and drop feature which lets one join different blocks and create their own bot

[20.04]– It has integrations possible with CRM, marketing automation tools like Zapier

[20.38]- Landbot offers two-way communication, you can also push data back to the user and personalize the experience

[21.54]- Companies are focused today on user experience.

[22.05]-  They focus on companies with 50-1000 employees, and they are targeting companies like UK and US.

They also work with financial and retail services.

[22.52]- They have 5000 monthly active users

[23.10]- They got their first 100 customers using product hunt only

[23.35]– Gerard talks about the best startups in Barcelona

[23.55]- Typeform and landbot share a lot of similarities in the market segment

[24.05]- Landbot focuses on improving user experience as Typeform because Typeform continuously works on improving the user experience

[25.00]- Their sales departments full of hustle, because they are always emailing, cold calling and

[25.17]- Their product development department is chilled, relaxed because product people have to work in without any pressure

[26.40]- They started doing sales nearly one month ago

[27.10]- They include a link in their emails which takes them to landbot, where interaction takes place through the bot only.

If the user seems interested, they try to set up a meeting with them directly using landbot

[27.45]– Landbot connects with Zapier and Calendly, in fact, it has a popup feature where the calendly window appears, and people can check availability for a call

[28.35]- Gerard highlights the fact people in the group consider landbot as one of the best startups in Spain

[28.52]- Jiaqi exercises every day to think better and relax

[29.30]- Jiaqi does muscle exercises in sections, and between the time of two sections he can think more clearly and then he eats blueberries

[30.00]- Gerard went swimming this week because swimming keeps him refreshed

[30.40]- Lanbot is very affordable and has a free version

[31.26]- They have a free version, and it offers many templates for a product launch, a bot for webinar launch which helps in getting more subscriptions

[32.38]- Jiaqi recommends reading the hard things about hard things

Key Takeaways From The Interview

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