Increase Your Cold Email Clicks and Response Rate Using This Hack

Increase Your Cold Email Clicks

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I’m going to break down the best sales tool you can use when doing cold email.

Use this hack and you’ll see more clicks and more replies coming through for your campaigns.

Anyone can do this. You don’t have to be a seasoned growth hacker or a master copywriter. Yet, most people forget (or deny) how important it is…

Already guessed what it is?

It’s the signature. Yes. Your email signature.

Wanna know why does it work so well?

Because it’s not pushing for a sale.

When someone reads “click here to book a meeting with me” or “read this case study” on a cold email, they automatically become defensive. They don’t want to be told what to do. And they’ll hate it if it’s coming from a total stranger.

Everything changes when your CTA is part of your signature. Feels like you aren’t even trying to sell to them. It’s just a link that’s there.

Those who are curious and a good fit for what you are selling (make sure your list is targeted!) will click on your signature to learn more.

It can be quite irresistible…

Our CTR coming from signatures is way higher than clicks on the actual email body.

This is the formula we use

to get the best results from your signature:


1- Add your logo

Some cold outreach tools won’t let you add images. If you can add it, keep it small and simple. Your branding is a big

part of what you are doing.

2- Write a tagline

Don’t use a generic tagline. Write a specific one for the vertical you’ll be contacting. This works like a CTA itself!

Let me give you an example using FindThatLead.

If we are working with a list

of Marketing Directors in San Francisco, we could use:

“We help Marketing Directors in San Francisco find the emails of their best future customers”

Boom! That’s targeted.

3- Tell them what you do (not your title)

Don’t write CEO or VP of Marketing… Nobody cares how big your title is.

Put some life into it. Have fun. I use Outbound & Growth Hack Lover

4- Give them your contact details

Phone and address. This adds to the credibility. Especially if you have a local phone/address to the people you are contacting. They’ll know you are not some random spammer.

5- Show them who you are

Use your social media profiles to tell your story for you. Are you active on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook? Link to your profiles and let them see what you do.

6- Extra fun!

Want to include something crazy like a video? Put it in the signature. You’ll be amazed at how many people click on it out of curiosity.

Your signature works great to start a conversation. That’s exactly what you want out of cold email. You can’t sell right away.

It’s like a funnel. You have to trust on making the sale after a few interactions.

Your signature is the top of the funnel. You get them interested, they go down the rabbit hole and then you make a sell on a future step of the funnel.

I’m begging you to try this and then share your results with me. If you are curious enough, you can find my email in this post.

. . .

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