How to Get Recently Hired Employees to Give Their Absolute Best

I remember my first day at work on the last office job I had.

It sucked.

My nerves got the best of me. I felt sick the entire day and made a horrible first impression.

Your first day at a new job is always daunting. Yes, you are excited to start… but you also feel anxious. There’s a huge pressure not to let anyone down on the first day.

Most of these feelings are self-imposed. Nobody’s expecting you to blow their minds on the first day.

What Happens When It’s You Doing the Hiring?

Fast forward a few years…

Claudia and Dídac joined the FindThatLead team last week. 

We are thrilled to have them with us.

They are amazing people. Full of passion. They will become a key part of the team in no time.

Cristian (our CTO and Co-Founder) and I planned their first day to be a bit different.

Take the pressure off. Show them how we like to do things at FindThatLead.

We started the day with a small exercise + basketball match.

But gave them a flat basketball.

“Here is the ball… If you want to play, you’ll have to pump it up first.”


Simple, isn’t it?

But very unexpected for their first day at work.

Programming is not just about typing code. We value programmers that are able to solve problems. That show flexibility.

Being outside your comfort zone is the fastest way to learn.

Claudia, Dídac and the rest of the team had an amazing day.

They aced our challenge but lost the match. Cristian won.

Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone every day.

If it hurts… if it’s uncomfortable… if you are afraid of taking the next step… DO IT.

This is the path towards creativity and enlightenment in the workplace.

Did you pump some air in your balls today?

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