6 Actionable Growth Hacking Techniques You Can use Today

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Chances are you’ve heard of growth hacking and have a base understanding of it. If not, don’t worry, we have you covered. Although it may sound like a buzz word, being used to summarize and describe a lot of opposing ideas, growth hacking can be explained by quick experiments that seek to find results in changing one marketing variable.

This variable could be something in the design of your website, the type of content you create, ad format, integrations, audience selection, price, and such. The end goal, of course, is seeing fast growth. Fast growth is usually looked down upon, but for new businesses, long-term goals don’t matter as much if they can sustain themselves in the first place.

? Previously we have talked about the best tools for growth hacking 
and we have also shared a list with the 
best growth hacking books of the moment,

In this article, we’ll introduce you to different growth hacking techniques that will help your business thrive, 

✍️ Create content

Content may be one of the most important techniques for growth. Its significance lies in the fact that it engages your audience and present them with answers. Content marketing helps you build trust with your audience, create a community, present your products or services in a long format that answers all of your client’s inquiries, as well as improve conversions.


Be unique

It is important to create a voice that is unique to your brand and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Don’t be afraid to put your personality into your content. Even though you’re writing about business, it doesn’t have to be monotonous.

The key to creating content is consistency. If you’re going to start a blog, don’t write 10 blogs in the first week and then go off the grid for a month. Spoil your audience by letting them know they can depend on regular content, but keep in mind that when it comes to content, you should pursue quality, not quantity. 

You want to increase audience retention and generate leads, instead of just creating content for the sake of it. Original, long-format and well-written content that offers real value will simplify your SEO process and the more visibility you gain, the more professional your site will appear.

If you already have a blog platform with a significant base of great content, make sure to repurpose that content by working on it and sharing it more than once on your social media or even promote the content on reddit. For example, if you have a good ranking blog discussing a certain feature you implemented in 2019., build on that and add paragraphs that explain how this feature helped your clients win more businesses in 2021. 

Engage more using video Content

Aside from written content, think about engaging your audience with video content. With video constantly being on the rise, recent reports predict that by 2021, the average internet user will watch 100 minutes of video content per day. If you’re still on the fence and think a video is too complicated to produce, start small.

Show your customers what your company culture is like behind the scenes. Once you get comfortable in front of the camera and with editing, you can start creating educational videos like tutorials and webinars.

Gamify your content

Another great way of engaging with your audience is by creating quizzes and no, we don’t mean Buzzfeed styled “which breakfast food are you” quizzes. Gamifying your content is not only making it fun for your audience, but there is also a different level of consuming such kinds of content.

Gamification works the same way any competition works, it triggers powerful emotions like excitement and happiness. Seeing how these are positive emotions, they lead to higher engagement and higher sales

? Think about integrations

Do you have an amazing service that simplifies certain tasks? That’s amazing, but when it comes to smaller operations within, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. You don’t have to program a new payment system, just find a great integration.

Such integrations work for both parties because you can draw in new customers by having your service exposed to a new pool of potential clients. It not only makes your service more readily available but also opens doors to shared content and faster growth. 

Integrations with CRMs, cloud platforms, payment integrations, messaging boards and such lead to easier adoption of a SaaS platform, seeing how people don’t have to change the tools they already use. 

? Shorten your sign-up process

Creating a vast base of contact information would easily drive up your lead-to-customer conversion rates. All that can easily be done with your sign-up process, however, if you require a lot of information, it may drive people away. 

If you think about it, the sign-up window is usually the last step a prospective customer has to take, and you don’t want to lose them when they’ve come so far. Having fewer fields in your sign-up sheet and making all of them required will give your prospects the feeling that you’re not wasting their time.

Another aspect you have to take into account, besides time is privacy. Asking for information that people may perceive to be sensitive, may cause them to stay away. So if you don’t need someone’s phone number, don’t ask for it. 

Research showed that 86% of people find it inconvenient to create new user accounts on different platforms, so you should definitely allow the autofill buttons that let people sign-in with their Google and Facebook accounts.

?‍♂️ Make your clients your brand ambassadors

Which efforts are you putting into creating and sustaining a community of your loyal customers? If you’re not quite sure, pull out a piece of paper and a pen and start brainstorming ways to engage your clients on social media.

Our favourite techniques are social listening, giveaways and social responsibility. Let us explain. 

Social monitoring describes all the efforts you put into finding out what is being said about your brand online. Although it seems that people will happily share their thoughts on just about anything on the Internet, you may have to weave through the loudest voices to get to the truth.

Social media would, of course, be the first place you need to hit up and you can easily find what people are sharing about your brand by following hashtags and mentions, subreddits and reading the comment section. 

The important thing at this step is to engage with your audience, answer their questions, tell them about new products, fill them in on what your future plans are and such. That is how you create a community that will happily spread your brand awareness to their friends and family.

As we mentioned before, giveaways are an excellent example of engaging your audience. There are a myriad of ways you can conduct a giveaway, you can ask your followers to follow you and select a random winner, you can have a contest or even have a review giveaway. 

If you want to put a twist on the usual giveaway format, you could message your top fans on Facebook and ask them for their address so that you can send them free products. This type of giveaway awards loyal fans and shows them you appreciate them.

Social responsibility should consist of things you do because you feel passionate about a certain social problem and want to change it. Sharing your efforts on social media is only a bonus.

Giving your clients a look into what social issues you care about and what percentage of your sales you are donating to humanitarian causes. That will definitely be a nice incentive for them to spend more.

⚡Know when to limit your free trials

We love free trials, as much as the next guy, but how many people are you going to convert if your free trial is limitless? Not a lot.

The way you can structure your free trials is by setting a time limit (usually 14 days), a limit on downloads (like Shutterstock uses), a limit on the number of people that can use your services, a limit on the scope of services you can use (like Google Drive) or you can offer a free service that comes with ads (like Spotify).

The reason free trials work is that people get to experience your services first-hand and create a habit or modify their existing ones. As many may be afraid of commitment, a free trial is a best-case scenario since it is risk-free. Once they take the plunge and incorporate your service in their daily routine, they will get accustomed to it and they’ll be more willing to buy from you. 

With that being said, having unlimited free trials feels like losing out on clients that are already there and that’s the opposite of growth

? Test everything

The only way to figure out what works best for your brand and audience is to try it out and analyze results. Test different types of content, but within that content, test out different lengths, times of publishing, get creative with the visuals and such.

When you’re working on outreach and outbound marketing, it is important to test out your emails. With the first thing people will see being your subject line, there is no room for error since the importance of the line lies in whether it will sway people to open the email

Once you have a big enough sample, you can change thighs up a bit and monitor the impact on a relevant enough scale.

? In conclusion

Growth hacking evolves from day to day and while different things will work for different businesses and brands, it’s important to keep testing, measuring and analyzing everything in order to keep up with your competitors.

As long as every effort you’re putting into your business shows a type of progress and growth, you will be on the right path. We’re sure you can work wonders with the techniques we described, but we would also love to hear from you – what are your favourite growth hacking techniques?



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