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On Friday last week, 23/11/2018 we did a Q&A session where I answered some more questions about emails, warming up domains for sending emails and many other questions about OutBound Marketing.

Read last week’s Q&A for more interesting answers.



What tool is suitable for mass mailing?

No tool is useful for the mass mailing.

However, if you do Outbound marketing, I would recommend that you use gsuite instead of any other tool.

I would not recommend you to send over 400 emails a day for every alias, but with gsuite, you can send up to 1500 emails a day.

You can use SMTP servers which would probably end up in spam, and many of them will reach nowhere.

You can create your own SMTPs, and it is easy to set them up, but it does not guarantee that your emails will land up in the primary inbox or even reach anywhere. It is not good if you want to send many emails and it will also be Spamming.

I will recommend that you use real emails.

So if you want to send many emails without opt-in, what I would recommend is-

  • -Make a gsuite account, buy ten alias
  • -Send up to 1000 emails for every alias
  • -You can use campaigns from FindThatLead, Mailshake or any other fantastic tool

I will still recommend not to send a group of emails or mass mailing. Even if you have the right message, you will not get the response.

When you go out for cold emailing, aim for 40%-70% open rate and 10%-15% response rate. Any lower than these figures, it would help if you stopped doing it for a while.

If you send out 10k emails, you can not answer to 1000 email responses. Keep your emails short and send them with love using the Best cold email subject lines that are sure to start a conversation with prospects

Should subject lines be related to the body of the email?

Yes, and No.

We have been doing promotions for some large companies, and we have been using acronyms as subject lines, like first letters of company names separated by dots, and many other lines that make sense.

Sometimes I do funny things. I send emails with the subject line “10,000” and body saying


I love what you have been doing at your company, blah blah blah…

Can I call you tomorrow?

In a small line under the signature, I mention that you have lost 10,000 dollars by not using FindThatLead.

See, I related the subject line and body and also the signature.

Be creative and be smart.

How many emails would you recommend to send in one day?

I would buy a domain, warm up my account and send between 150-600 emails per day depending upon how old the domain has been. If it is a new domain, after 1-2 months, I will send100-200 emails per day for every alias. Gsuite allows sending 500-1000 emails per alias.

You can buy as many as an alias you want. I would recommend you to buy ten alias for one domain. You can send maximum up to 1500 emails per day using gsuit; I would suggest you to send 200-300 emails, you can send up to 2000-3000 emails.

You want to send emails only to a few people you can respond to in a day. My average is up to 10%, and they may vary in different cases.

What email do you send when your new user just sign-ups?

We have been using crisp.

It is a cheaper version of Intercom. If you have the money go for Intercom. We send a series of 6 emails based on the user triggers when they join our platform.

We want to make sure that user knows everything about FTL. However, we don’t send many emails with features, but we want to show them how powerful our platform is and how can he use it to get the best out of it.

This question is more about email marketing and user onboarding.

I will recommend Aaron Krall for this, he is an expert at SaaS onboarding and has been at ClickFunnels.

Make sure that you have a proper funnel setup. I took years to create my funnel. I won’t say it is the best out there, but it has been working for us.

When your user signs up, make sure you send them emails based on the triggers and don’t spam.

Just send emails with love.

How do you warm up your domains?

1. I buy a domain from name.com
2. Christian sets up SPFs/DKMs, and he is best at doing it
3. Get a gsuit account and acquire ten alias
4, Send emails to specific lists and make sure that everyone answers to those emails
5. Make sure the emails you send are small (3-4 lines)
6. Warming a domain is like growing up a baby
7. If you get a good response rate, your emails will not go to spam anymore

If my email is landing in the receiver’s promotional tab, is it right to send them a personalized email and ask them to move it to the primary?

If your email is landing in the promotional tab, you have probably done the email wrong.

All the emails that you send via tools that use their servers will land in the promotional tab only.

Does everyone at FindThatLead send emails with love?

There is a story of chicken and pig

A Pig and a Chicken are walking down the road.
The Chicken says: “Hey Pig, I thought we should open a restaurant!”
Pig replies: “Hm, maybe, what would we call it?”
The Chicken responds: “How about ‘ham-n-eggs’?”
The Pig thinks for a moment and says: “No thanks. I’d be committed, but you’d only be involved.”

At FTL, we have people committed to FindThatLead.

We all send emails with love. Everyone at FindThatLead sends emails with love. We send emails with full commitment.

We have a clear vision.

Yes, we send emails with love. Sometimes the communication is dry, but we try our best to keep up the good work.

We are very serious about helping our 100,000 subscribers.

Love is not just about saying those three words. It is more about how we express it.

When your loved ones criticize you, they aim more at pushing you ahead.

We have a client who is a huge car manufacturer. They were hard on me, but they showed their love in their actions.

Last time I came out of his office nearly crying. I thought we would lose this project, but he always kept in touch with me and discussed every point to consider in our next meeting.

He was hard on me, but he made me move forward and improve.
This guy is full of love, and he wants us to do a fantastic job.

How do you track your marketing results and strategies?

We don’t track too much, and I would not recommend you to monitor too much.
Don’t get stuck in paralysis by analysis.

We have set four parameters for tracking our progress

1. How much money is in the bank after all the expenses
2. How many daily registrations do we have
3. How many regular active users we have
4. How many total users do we have

That’s it guys.

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