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I have been receiving some crazy questions. So last week, in this QnA in the Growth hacking and Outbound Marketing group, I answered some of those amazing questions.



While warming up a domain for a cold email campaign, is there an alternative way to send emails that get delivered immediately?

You can use Google apps for this. We have been using this for a lot of our customers. Warming up should be for sending emails to the prospects.

If they will be long-term customers, buy the domain for 10 years and Google will give you higher index

-Get Google apps and get 10 alias

-Send emails to a limited no of people. Use subject lines they find useful and they could reply to.

What for sending 1000s of emails?

Gmail has been working for us amazingly.

-Buy one domain for the greatest number of years possible
-If it’s your domain- buy it for 10 years and if for customers, buy it for 5 years
-Buy Google apps and buy 4-10 alias
-They going to allow you 1000 straight away
-First, sending emails to your peers or people who could answer back to your emails

Then send emails to 50 people.

Keep specific subject lines and specific call to actions. You will get accounts warmed up in one or two months doing this

To be honest, you don’t have to be sending too many emails, since receiving answers to them are more important.

Al the emails have to have the essence of your company and a lot of love

Which emails would you recommend sending 1 million emails?

I would not recommend sending 1 million emails, but here is how can you do it-

1, Using servers, IPs and they will block you, most of the emails will reach nowhere

2. One can do it, by buying SMTPs and servers, but to be frank, there is no tool that can help you send 1 million emails

3. Buy 100 domains, for every domain buy 10 alias and for every alias warm them up with love

4. You can get VAs to do the job for you for 2-3 months

5. I guess this is the only way to do it and we have been doing it this way on for a long time

Do you have any good email templates on the time for the first image?

Well, no templates work if you don’t send emails with love

I would only recommend you to

-Use short subject lines(Love, what time can we meet etc)
-Surprise them (Congratulate and complement them)
-Templates have no love in them
-Relate your subject line related to your product,

Good subject lines are for open rates.

Good body matter gets your receivers to respond to your emails.

How many follow up emails do you send after a business meeting?

I would send a video made on Useloom. I would rather like go into their hearts, so I prefer sending personalized videos.

In case if their payment is pending, you can not talk about the features alone. If they have objections, work around them.

I always send a video made on loom describing all the features of my tool, and it has been working great for us so far. It depends on the audience.

If you send text, keep it WhatsApp style.

Don’t send them things they have not asked for.

Do you always put a CTA in the first cold email?

Always include a call to action button (I recommend you to place the CTA in your email signature, you can do it by using the Signature maker of FindThatLead)

Depending upon the motive of the email you are sending, mention the CTA.

Also, keep your subject line specific.

For example, if your subject line is “Can I call you tomorrow at 10 A.M”, include a relevant CTA. Although you can not call every one of them and they all understand that too.

Usually, you will get calls from a few people. S better a V.A to help you with all those calls.

Question-How many follow up emails do you send?

Send emails until your customers say yes.

Keep in mind that

-Don’t send the same messages again
-Don’t send the message again they have not responded to[
-Give as much as the value you can

We do none automation in the follow-up process. We use HubSpot and Nexus spreadsheet.

Make sure that your customer spends a lot of time with you. This happens when you follow up organically and rely less on automation.

Why do you prefer videos so much?

First, I am not good at writing, but I do a little email copywriting.

I like videos and they seem to work for me better than text.

Some extra reasons being

-They are personalized.
-They are to the point
-Customers love to watch videos than to read shit
-Videos are faster and more accessible

Keep sending emails with love!


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