How to be a More Efficient Salesperson

As the main goal of any salesperson is to sell more, more and more – that also means that any way you can be more efficient and faster and work will help you to sell even more! Have you thought about how you can be more efficient and work smarter? There are probably many things you could be doing to optimize your time, and with just a little effort too.


Know the Purpose of Every Action

Rather than just sending out a wide net and hoping to catch some leads (which sometimes does work), it’s better to have a clear vision of your pipeline and your actions. Instead of sending out a million emails, or making a million calls and hoping that some of them will work – try this instead:

Cleary set the purpose for every action

How can you do that? It’s simple: before you make that call, or send that email, decide what is the outcome you would like to achieve. Obviously the end goal is to close a deal, but there are multiple steps throughout the process. Is it setting up a time to do a demo, calling to answer some specific questions, putting the lead in touch with current customers? When you know the point of each action, your communications will be clearer and more concise, helping you to achieve this specific goal.

Be Transparent

While many salespeople will argue that you should avoid mentioning the costs until the absolute last moment possible, those salespeople will also have experienced numerous lost opportunities due to this. Of course price shouldn´t be the first thing you open with, but by being transparent about costs you not only gain trust, but time. In case your pricing is out of a potential lead´s budget, you’re saving all the time spent on trying to close this lead. And when you’re clear on prices, customers feel respected by not having last minute add-on fees thrown in at the end.



Prepare for Sales Objections

Rather than every time a sales objection comes up, having to create a response in the moment; the best thing is to have prepared responses to frequent sales objections. Try and test your responses to see which are the best ones, and once you’ve figured that out all you have to do is repeat them. You can print out the objections and the perfect responses and use it as a guide book any time you’re on a call, or responding to leads.

Make it Easy to Schedule Meetings

Time lost to communications going back and forth about the perfect time and date to schedule meetings is not only valuable time, but also valuable momentum for a sales lead. If it gets too annoying and difficult to find a time to meet, chances are your leads will lose interest. And if you don’t lose their interest, you will have nonetheless lost time that could have been spent on selling.

One idea? Use a tool that makes it easy to book meetings and put it directly in your email signature. We like to use Calendly at FindThatLead, but any option that allows you to easily share your calendar will work.  



Automate Tasks

You probably spend a lot of time repeated the same tasks over and over again – why not save some time and automate these repetitive tasks? This could be actions such as searching for someone´s email address and contact information, or writing the same prospective email over and over again.

To find a prospect´s contact info, FindThatLead is the great tool to easily find someone´s email address within a matter of mere seconds! And there are many other handy tools that allow you to save email templates, such as Streak.

Do you have any ideas or tips that help you to be more efficient? Make a comment on social media and let us know!

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