50 Best Growth Hacking Brands of the Moment. Part II

The 50 best growth hacking brands of the moment. Part II



Segment is a growth hacking tool founded by Peter Reinhardt that makes customer data simple. Thanks to it, you can collect, clean, and control your customers’ data quickly and easily.

With Segment, you will have the possibility to connect your tools and enter your data in your marketing and analysis stack. Besides, its application of common data standards reduces the margin of error in any company. You will get clear visibility of all the data to make sure everyone meets the strict advertising standards. It is an ideal tool for customer monitoring.



Magento is a platform that facilitates the development of websites for buying and selling products online. Without a doubt, it is a great option for those who have just started their business.

Magento is a comprehensive open-source solution, based on PHP, dedicated to the development of web pages for online sales. It was founded in 2008, and later became a platform that facilitates the evolution of any startup.


Founders Grid

Founders Grid is a growth hacking tool that offers you a curated list with the most exciting news about technology and investments. If you are looking for an excellent project to invest in, the Founders Grid newsletter can help you make a perfect decision.

In addition to endless news, Founders Grid gives you practical guides that can help your business grow. Besides, if you are an active user, you can get exclusive discounts on new tools and products. As you could see, this platform founded by Chris Osborne is a perfect spot for investors and technology lovers.


Mobile Action

Mobile Action is a platform that helps application creators get a higher ranking in the search for app stores like Apple Store or Google Play Store. Thanks to it, developers will be able to obtain more organic downloads and understand vital metrics that will help them to make the right business decisions.

This all-in-one platform puts at your disposal a large amount of accurate data that will help you take advantage of the competition. Everything works with proprietary algorithms that give you private information that is not available on other platforms. 



Platformula1 is a consulting service for new startups and projects that already have time in the market. If your startup is newly born, you can make an LBM (Landscape based marketing) strategy and use a SaaS or API model as a low-consumption product with partner benefits.

And if the startup has time already, LBM helps you reinvent the ecosystem of your business in a short time and quickly. With Platformula 1, any startup can expand its growth thanks to its landscape-based marketing. An excellent ally for small and large companies!



Evolve is a growth hacking brand that participates in social marketing. Why? Because it combines the power of influencers and the media to create compelling social media campaigns for their clients.

Thanks to Raynforest, the first influential market with excellent content and proven growth methodologies,  Evolve can offer strategic programs that provide its customers with successful and measurable results. Without a doubt, this tool created by Mark Fidelman can help in the evolution of any startup.



Wishpond is a very easy-to-use growth hacking platform that will help you generate, manage, and nurture potential customers. Wishpond is a tool that facilitates business growth for marketing specialists.

Wishpond includes tools for:

  • Landing pages.
  • Social promotions
  • Website pop-ups.
  • Online forms.
  • Activity tracking of potential customers.
  • Management of potential customers.
  • Intelligence of potential customers.
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Analysis

Also, the platform founded by Ali Tajsekandar includes native integrations with the main applications of sales, payments, analysis, and collaboration. As surely you could tell.


NewCo is a company that works by connecting its audience with stories that shape business, politics, and culture. Without a doubt, it is a vibrant source of knowledge that goes beyond monetary gains.

So far, NewCo has organized festivals in 30 different cities located in North America, Europe, Latin America, Australia, and Asia. In these events, participants choose which organizations they want to explore and then meet inside the company’s headquarters. There they know firsthand the way organizations make their industries evolve with authentic and experimental offers.

Although the company was created in 2012 by John Battelle, the NewCo festivals are now under the leadership of Vision 7, the subsidiary of NewCo Toronto. Be that as it may, it is an unforgettable experience for those who seek to learn, be inspired, and connect with large companies.



Deux.io is a marketing and growth hacking agency based in Paris.  Thanks to all its benefits, this company can help startups identify and implement rapid and sustainable growth. Deux.io helps small businesses evolve by incorporating three keys:

  • Growth strategy: They define your growth strategy to chart a path to success. For three weeks, they study your value proposition and your objectives to propose a detailed and actionable list of actions, automation, hacks, and tools that will be implemented over the next six months. 
  • Pure Growth Hacking: After defining your growth strategy, Deux will support you by implementing all or some of the recommended actions. Their skills cover everything related to growth hacking such as statistical analysis, automation, cold shipping, advertising, scraping, inbound/content marketing, tool creation, CRO, SEO, etc.

Growth Hacking Training: The agency will teach you all the critical facets of growth hacking. Why? Because practice is essential to memorize techniques. The exercises are carried out during the training in one of their “test” sites.


Growth Tribe

Growth Tribe is a growth hacking academy that currently has almost 10,000 trained and growing people. Without a doubt, it is a platform that will teach you what you need to make your business grow. Growth Tribe has the following courses:

  • Two-day intensive course on growth hacking.
  • Six-week evening course about growth hacking
  • Two-day Artificial Intelligence course applied to the market.
  • Artificial Intelligence growth practice for six months
  • Internal and external training.
  • Two-day AI course applied to business.
  • Twelve months of internships in data science.

As you could see, this company has everything that a growing growth hacker needs to know. If you want to start in this universe, let the first step be in Growth Tribe.



Publisuites is a platform that facilitates the search for specialized media and publishers, as well as influencers on specific topics. Here are two types of accounts: for brands, companies, and agencies, and press bloggers and influencers.

If you are a  brand, you can find here everything you need for your digital marketing strategy. Buy content, blog-sponsored publications, and mentions of influential people. And if you are a blogger, work for a company or are an influencer, you can earn money with your publications, mentions, and others. Without a doubt, Publisuites is an ideal growth hacking tool capable of helping many people.


500 Startups

500 Startups is a venture capital firm whose mission is to discover and support the most talented entrepreneurs in the world. In short, they help them create successful businesses and build rich global ecosystems. In case you did not know, it is one of the most active venture capital firms on the planet.

Since its creation in Silicon Valley, 500 Startups has invested in more than 2300 companies through its five global funds and 15 thematic funds. They have more than 100 members located in 20 countries around the world to support the comprehensive portfolio of investors, covering more than 75 different nations.

In addition to providing capital, this company also helps startups with its Seed Accelerator program. This is emphasized in digital marketing, customer acquisition, good practices, and fundraising. That is, 500 Startups not only get involved financially but also participate in the total development of the company with educational programs, events, conferences and partnerships with other high-level corporations.


Ben Cotton

Ben Cotton is a Growth Hacker that helps SaaS revenue teams grow with sales enablement. This character is associated with more than 400 sales professionals who will help you achieve success with your startup.

His work focuses on the intersection between marketing and sales. Here you make use of content, data, training, and technology that helps you quickly achieve the objectives.

Throughout his career, Ben Cotton has helped businesses grow by increasing their website traffic, generating leads, and boosting their sales. Without a doubt, it is the specialist you should access if you need to increase the sales of your products and services.


Pop Corn Metrics

Pop Corn Metrics is a measurement and statistics platform that will let you know how users’ behavior is when they arrive at your website. Thanks to this, you will be able to apply specialized strategies that will significantly help you improve your sales.

This tool understands that not all visitors are equal, one goes away in seconds, another stays for a while, some read the entire page, and sometimes others share it with their friends. With Pop Corn Metrics, you will know who is the most involved, and you can create better leads based on that information.

To make matters worse, you can track conversions when the page is not successful enough. This will detect pop-ups, email options, and contact forms that work. It helps you create growth hacking experiments and puts at your disposal the metrics that will accelerate the evolution of your business.



Unbounce is a platform that will help you create personalized pages, without code knowledge, capable of getting more customers than any website. Here you can design beautiful landing pages, in a matter of seconds and in a straightforward way.

Although websites are excellent for displaying information, some are bad for converting traffic into revenue. Thanks to Unbounce, you can create and optimize landing pages that will incite your visitors to a specific objective instead of walking through a site full of distractions. Without a doubt, it is an ideal tool for those who promote their products or services through a website.



Gleam is a business growth platform with marketing tools designed to improve:

  • Email lists.
  • E-Commerce stores.
  • Saas business.
  • Facebook audiences.
  • Engagement with the client.
  • Sales
  • Podcast
  • Twitch followers.

In Gleam, you can manage everything through a single dashboard that is integrated with a lot of platforms. In short, it has what you need so you can evolve the level of startup marketing thanks to its benefits. Besides, the processes are swift and easy to carry out.

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