FindThatLead had the best 4YFN ever!

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Another March, and another 4YFN event has passed. As we previously mentioned, this year FindThatLead attended 4YFN for the second year in a row with our own stand and dedicated space.

This year was not only the best ever for FindThatLead, but also for the event organizers themselves. This year there was more than 200,000 attendees during three days, February 27 to March 1. The event is focused not only on presenting startups and creating connections within the startup ecosystem, but also on connecting startups with potential clients from large companies that are attending the Mobile World Congress (which is during the same dates).   

From FindThatLead we had a very successful experience during the entire event – full of meeting new and old customers, talent, possible partnerships, learning about new innovations and making new friends! In our stand, we had over 1,000 visits and made over €5,000 in sales in just three days.

El Pais

In addition, we were featured several times in the local Spanish media. The newspaper El Pais ran a feature article on us, discussing how only last year we were only two people on the brink of closing our business… now one year later we are a team of ten people and last year made almost 250,000 euros!


The Catalan media site Ara ran an article discussing the most useful startups attending 4YFN, and they of course featured FindThatLead!


Radio Interview Findthatlead

Gerard Compte giving an interview to a local radio station. 

Antena 3 TV

Antena3 interview

Giving an interview to TV station Antena 3. 


Our team members also received some focus, our Director of Operations Joaquín Galé was featured on a segment about young professionals in the digital world. You can view the video here (in Catalan).
TV interview

Thanks to everyone who came by our stand, chatted with us and made the experience a great one! We’re already thinking about how to prepare for next year …

. . .

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Gerard Compte

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